Kaori Schneider

Kaori Schneider, Educational Event Coordinator, joined the WASC in 2012. As a part of the WASC events team, Kaori works closely with the Educational Events Manager to coordinate WASC’s educational programing, the Assessment Leadership Academy, the annual Academic Resource Conference (ARC), and more. Kaori is a member of Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter (MPINCC). Prior to working as a meeting planner (before kids!) she worked for seven years as an account manager in the financial industry. Kaori earned a BS in Economics and a BA in Business Administration from Winona State University and a CEL in Event and Meeting Planning from San Francisco State University. Kaori is a dedicated music docent and a school liaison for the Music for Minors II program and loves basketball. She is from Saitama, Japan.

Educational Events Coordinator
kschneider [at] wscuc.org