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Notes from the ARC: Once Upon a Time...

As an institutional researcher, most of my work in assessment (i.e., the systematic process of ensuring quality and improvement) has centered on numbers and rigid methodology. But that approach only allows for limited understanding of the student experience. It was not until I joined the New York Film Academy (NYFA) that I began to see the value of storytelling as a method of assessment.

Notes from the ARC: A Rising Tide

I have been thinking lately about the saying “A rising tide lifts all boats.” 

While traditionally used in financial contexts to indicate that a strong economy benefits everyone, I have heard it pop up more and more in higher education discussions around graduation rates and student success. 

Notes from the ARC: Stephen Colbert vs. Bill Gates

“If I keep no record of what I do, I can always assume I’ve succeeded.”

-- Stephen Colbert to Bill Gates on The Colbert Report

Notes from the ARC: Sitting at the Adult Table

I have fond childhood memories of family dinners with relatives and family friends at our local Chinese restaurant. Often, there was a kids’ table next to the adult table that was filled with “kid-friendly” dishes: fried rice, kung pao chicken, and some sort of green leafy vegetable (usually bok choy). Meanwhile, the adult table was filled with the fancy pan-fried crab, whole fish on the bone, and a complex and umami-filled seafood soup. 

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