Executive Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

  • Comprised of seven or more members, including: Commission Chair, Vice Chair, Accreditation Policy and Procedure Committee chair, Audit Committee chair, Finance and Operations Committee chair, Governance Committee Chair, Structural Change Committee chair, and a public member.
  • Shall have the authority to act on behalf of Commission except for those items specifically excluded by the Bylaws
  • Shall have authority to act on substantive change committee recommendations, structural change panel recommendations, and Interim Report committee recommendations on behalf of the Commission
  • Assist Chair in Committee assignments
  • Manage the Commissioner nominating process
  • Assist the Chair, as needed, in the evaluation of the President/Executive Director
  • Serve as an appeal panel for substantive change or interim report actions
  • A quorum shall consist of the majority of the members of the Executive Committee


Members of the Executive Committee

Phil Doolittle, Chair

Tracy Poon Tambascia, Vice Chair

Tomoko Takahashi, AP&P Committee Chair

Thomas Fleming, Audit Committee Chair

Jeb Egbert, F&O Committee Chair

Barbara Sawrey, Governance Committee Chair

Nancy Doorey, Structural Change Committee Chair

Bob Wise, Commissioner/Public Member

WSCUC Staff to the Committee

Jamienne S. Studley

Kris Matarrese 

The Executive Committee is a Commission Committee.