Executive Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

  • Comprised of seven members, including: Commission chair, Vice Chair, Policy and Planning Committee chair, Finance and Operations Committee chair, Structural Change Panel chair, a Commissioner serving on the Proposal Review Committee or Substantive Change Committee, and a public member. The Vice Chair shall preside at the Executive Committee meetings.
  • Meet by conference call, and if needed, in person
  • Responsible for reviewing and approving Commission meeting agendas
  • Shall develop Commission goals and priorities for the year
  • Shall have the authority to act on behalf of Commission in between meetings
  • Shall have authority to act on all recommended substantive change committee and structural change panel actions on behalf of the Commission
  • Develop periodically a process for external review of the Commission
  • Report to Commission at each meeting decisions made, for ratification of actions and revision, if necessary
  • Assist Chair in Commissioner committee assignments
  • Manage the Commissioner nominating process
  • Assist the Chair, as needed, in the evaluation of the President/Executive Director
  • Serve as an appeal panel for substantive change or interim report actions
  • A quorum shall consist of the majority of the members of the Executive Committee


Members of the Executive Committee

William Ladusaw, Chair

Reed Dasenbrock, Vice Chair

Dianne Harrison, AP&P Committee

Leah Williams, Audit Committee

Janna Bersi, F&O Committee 

Barry Ryan, SC Committee

Jane Wellman, Commissioner/Public Member


WSCUC Staff Liaison to the Committee

Mary Ellen Petrisko

Kris Matarrese