Finance and Operations Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Finance & Operations Committee

  • Review the annual budget of the Commission and present it to the Commission for approval
  • Develop planning parameters for a three-year budget plan
  • Review the evaluation of the President/Executive Director, conducted by the Commission chair, including establishment of priorities and compensation
  • Consult with Executive Director on salary parameters for staff
  • Approve the Personnel Manual for Commission Staff
  • Review the operational structure and functioning of the Commission
  • Develop and recommend to the Commission a comprehensive Reserve Policy
  • Review Commission investments and investment policies
  • Report to the Commission actions taken by the F&O Committee at committee meetings


Members of the Finance & Operations Committee

Jeb Egbert, Chair

Leo Martinez, Vice Chair

Lauren Asher, Public Member

Greg Franklin (ACS)

Monroe Gorden, Jr.

Eduardo Ochoa




WSCUC Staff to the Committee

Christopher Oberg

Michael Toliver