Finance and Operations Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Finance & Operations Committee

  • Review the annual budget of the Commission and present it to the Commission for approval
  • Develop planning parameters for a three-year budget plan
  • Review the evaluation of the President/Executive Director, conducted by the Commission chair, including establishment of priorities and compensation
  • Consult with Executive Director on salary parameters for staff
  • Approve the Personnel Manual for Commission Staff
  • Review the operational structure and functioning of the Commission
  • Develop and recommend to the Commission a comprehensive Reserve Policy
  • Review Commission investments and investment policies
  • Report to the Commission actions taken by the F&O Committee at committee meetings


Members of the Finance & Operations Committee

Janna Bersi, Chair

Phillip Doolittle, Vice Chair

Cynthia Baum

Jeb Egbert

Tom Fleming

Greg Franklin (ACS)

Erin Gore, Public Member

Eduardo Ochoa


WSCUC Staff to the Committee

Christopher Oberg

Mike Reimers