Accreditation Policy & Procedure Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of Accreditation Policy & Procedure Committee

  • Review and present to the Commission recommendations for changes to WSCUC standards and related WSCUC policies and procedures.
  • Review the WSCUC Standards and Criteria for Review as needed and at least every 10 years.
  • Take action on non-substantive administrative policy matters that do not require approval fo the full Commission.
  • Periodically review and assess the adequacy of this charter.


Members of the Accreditation Policy & Planning Committee:

Bill Covino, Chair

Tomoko Takahashi, Vice Chair

Jeffrey Armstrong

Linda Buckley

Shari Francis, Public Member

Robin Garrell

Kay Llovio

Thomas Stewart

Jennifer Summit

Tracy Poon Tambascia

Andrew Wallis


WSCUC Staff to the Committee

Barbara Davis

Jamienne Studley