Structural Change Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of the Structural Change Committee

  • Review and recommend final action to the Commission on structural change proposals forwarded by the Substantive Change Committee. These proposals include the following categories of substantive change:
  1. Change in mission 
  2. Change in legal status or form of control, e.g., merger, change in ownership, affiliation or sponsorship
  3. First degree program at a new level
  4. All subsequent new doctoral programs (except for institutions that have authority to start such degrees without advance approval) 
  5. Joint doctoral degrees
  6. Other proposals the Substantive Change Committee recommends because the institution failed to submit new programs for approval as required by policy, the institution is seeking substantive change approval for a new offering while under Commission sanction, or matters on which the Substantive Change Committee has, in its discretion, referred to the Committee for review.
  • Review structural change actions annually and make a report and recommendations, as appropriate, to the Commission.
  • Receive an annual report on substantive change activity for the purpose of coordinating the work of this committee with the Structural Change Committee.
  • Confer annually with the chair of the Substantive Change Committee.
  • Coordinate criteria for reviewing proposals with the Substantive Change Committee.


Members of the Structural Change Committee

Barry Ryan, Chair

Linda Buckley

Ronald Carter

Christopher Cross

Bethami Dobkin

Millie Garcia

Erin Gore

Fernando Leon-Garcia

Kay Llovio

Leah Williams

WSCUC Staff Liaison to the Committee

Christopher Oberg

John Hausaman