2016 Non-Degree Program Report

In order to conform with the expectations of the Department of Education, WSCUC has adjusted its definition of educational programs to include non-degree programs that bear academic credit. This change takes effect with any new programs, and associated locations, initiated July 1, 2016 or after. Non-degree programs, and associated locations, in existence prior to July 1, 2016 will be grandfathered into your institution’s scope of accreditation.

If your institution does not offer non-degree programs that carry academic credit please indicate that below.

If your institution offers such programs please upload a list of the existing non-degree programs using the provided .xlsx template. You will be required to annually update the status and locations of these programs starting with the 2017 WSCUC Annual Report.

Staff Contact: John Hausaman

For more information please reference the Non-degree Programs Process and Procedures document.
The uploaded file must use the provided template.

If your institution plans to start a new non-degree program that carries academic credit not already reported using this form, you will need to either notify WSCUC of the implementation using the Non-Degree Program Implementation Form or submit the program for review through substantive change. Complete details are available in the Non-degree Programs Process and Procedures.