Location Implementation Form

All locations at which 50% or more of an educational program is offered must be reported to WSCUC regardless of their distance from the main campus or WSCUC-approved branch campus. A separate form is required for EACH program delivery location that has been implemented. Submission of this form is required to confirm the opening of the site and will trigger inclusion of the site and all programs offered there on the institution's Locations table on the WSCUC website. Please be advised that this resource is used for purposes of financial aid eligibility verification by the U.S. Department of Education.

For a complete description of location definitions, please refer here.
Visit Requirements (When applicable)
Federal Law requires a new site be visited within six months of implementation if the institution has fewer than three off-campus locations and the students at the site expect to qualify for U.S. federally funded financial aid under Title IV.
International Sites (When applicable)
WSCUC may require an international site visit to the first off-campus program in a country within one year of the start date. Please note that the Department of Education requires a visit to international locations where students will be seeking U.S. federally funded financial aid.
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