What is a community of practice?

“A community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly” (Wegner-Traynor). Additionally, [a Community] of Practice revolves around:

The domain: members are brought together by a learning need they share (whether this shared learning need is explicit or not and whether learning is the motivation for their coming together or a by-product of it)

The community: their collective learning becomes a bond among them over time (experienced in various ways and thus not a source of homogeneity)

The practice: their interactions produce resources that affect their practice (whether they engage in actual practice together or separately).

(from: http://wenger-trayner.com/resources/what-is-a-community-of-practice/)

The CoP is housed within a Blackboard online course site; participants will be divided into smaller groups for discussions or resource-sharing based primarily on institutional project topics. The exact size of each small group will depend upon the number of participants and institutions working on similar topics; the entire CoP will not exceed participants from 15-30 institutions at any given time.