Introduction to Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR) Webinar

In this webinar, WSCUC Vice Presidents provide an introduction to the Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation review process. 

  • List of TPR Institutions
  • Learning from Peers
    • Marilyn Eggers, Associate Provost, Loma Linda University
    • Rachel Swanger, Associate Dean, PardeeRAND Graduate School
    • Cindy Weinstein, Vice Provost and Chief  Diversity Officer, California  Institute  of Technology
  • Results of the Survey of TPR ALOs
  • TPR Resources
  • Small Group Discussions

*Note: a participant in the webinar recording asked whether reports could be longer than 45 pages. The TPR Guide states that institutional reports can be 40 – 60 double-spaced pages.  There is leeway to exceed the page limits, but it is not infinite.  WSCUC encourages 45 pages for the institutional report, but institutions can submit more pages if needed. 

Event Details

Date: May 19, 2020 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Fee: Free