Formerly Accredited or Candidate Institutions

A number of institutions were accredited or granted candidacy by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) at one time, but no longer have status with the Commission. Their status may have changed for a number of reasons, including but not limited to closure of the institution, merger with another institution, voluntary withdrawal from accreditation by the institution, or termination of accreditation by WSCUC. This list does not include institutions that applied for accreditation but withdrew from the process before candidacy or accreditation was granted, or institutions which withdrew or lost their status in the past but have since reapplied and been granted candidacy or accreditation.   

Contact information for transcript requests is given where this is known. WSCUC cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. WSCUC does not hold transcripts for formerly accredited institutions, is not able to process requests for transcripts, and is not able to help in cases where former students are experiencing difficulties in getting transcripts. Please see for additional information about locating transcripts.

Please note that the Commission changed its name in July 2014. Prior to then, it was known as the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

This page was last updated on 1/19/2018.

Institution Name Year Accreditation or Candiacy Ended Accreditation Status Comments   Who to contact for transcripts  
Allied American University 2016 Voluntary withdrawal Granted candidacy effective 2/22/2013. Candidacy status was ended on 2/4/2016 at the request of the institution. 

Allied American University 

American Armenian International College 1993 Voluntary withdrawal Granted candidacy June 1986. Candidacy status was extended twice and then withdrawn effective 6/30/1993 at the request of the institution.  Not known. However, University of La Verne handled the teach-out.. 
American Baptist Seminary of the West 1975, 1991 Voluntary withdrawal Accredited April 1973 while located in Covina, CA and terminated 6/30/1975 (reason for termination not recorded.) Institution moved from Covina to Berkeley and candidacy was subsequently granted to the Berkeley campus February 1986. Candidacy was subsequently cancelled at the institution's request effective 6/30/1991. 

American Baptist Seminary of the West

Antioch University Los Angeles 2011 Voluntary withdrawal Granted accreditation effective 6/15/2007 as a separate accreditable institution from Antioch University. Accreditation was withdrawn effective June 30, 2011. The institution was accredited by HLC prior to this and accreditation continues through the HLC as a campus of the Antoch University system. 

Antioch University 

Antioch University Santa Barbara 2011 Voluntary withdrawal Granted accreditation effective 6/22/07 as a separate accreditable institution from Antioch University. Accreditation was withdrawn effective June 30, 2011. The institution was accredited by HLC prior to this and accreditation continues through the HLC as a campus of the Antoch University system. 

Antioch University

Armstrong College   1990 Terminated Accredited by WASC in January 1963, accreditation terminated in July 1990. Armstrong was then accredited by ACICS for a time. 


Azusa Pacific Online University 2014 Voluntary withdrawal Sought accreditation as a separate institution from Azusa Pacific University (APU) and was granted WASC candidacy in February 2013. It advised on 9/15/2014 that it was withdrawing from the process and would continue to operate as a part of APU under the name Azusa Pacific University College. 

Azusa Pacific University

Bethany University 2011 Voluntary withdrawal Acredited in January 1966. Accreditation ended August 12, 2011 at the request of the institution. 

The institution has closed. Bethany Transcripts can be obtained from the Bethany Office at the District Resource Center. Contact:  Dana Fearn, Records Custodian, 916-503-2898, PO Box 292959, Sacramento, CA  95829. Email:  dfearn [at]

Brooks Institute  2016 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Granted candidacy effective 6/15/2012. The institution closed on 10/31/2016.

The institution has closed but has appointed Parchment as the official provider of student records. A transcript request link is available on the Brooks website.

Brooks Institute of Photography  1985 Voluntary withdrawal Accredited from 1/71963 to 6/30/1985.  Reapplied in 2008 for accreditation under the name Brooks Institute and is in candidacy status as of September 2015.

The institution has closed but has appointed Parchment as the official provider of student records. A transcript request link is available on the Brooks website.

California College of Podiatric Medicine  2001 Terminated Accredited in February 1961 under the name California Podiatry College. Accreditation was terminated 4/30/2001.  CCPM merged with Samuel Merritt College in June 2002.

Samuel Merritt University (formerly Samuel Merritt College).

California Graduate Institute 2008 Voluntary withdrawal Granted candidacy June 2008; withdrew to become part of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology effective 8/28/2008.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Church Divinity School of the Pacific 2008 Voluntary withdrawal Accredited by WASC in June 1978.  Voluntarily withdrew from WASC accreditation effective 10/15/2008. 

Church Divinity School of the Pacific

Cleveland College of Chiropractic 1994 Lapsed Candidacy granted June 1987. In February 1994 the Commission denied initial accreditation and ruled that candidacy would  lapse effective June 30, 1994. Not known 
College for Developmental Studies  1991 Terminated Accredited in June 1976. In March 1991, WASC denied a request to extend accreditation. Accreditation apparently ended June 30, 1991. Kirstin McDonald, Center for Early Education, mcdonaldk [at]; phone 323-651-0707
Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary      See entry for Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary. 
Hawaii Loa College 1992 Merged Accredited in January 1971. Accreditation expired on June 30, 1992 following the college's merger with Hawaii Pacific University.

Hawaii Pacific University

Heald College 2015 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Accreditation granted 6/24/2013. Voluntary withdrawal of accreditation effective June 1, 2015, following the closure of all Heald campuses by the parent company, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. 

Contact the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion 2011 Voluntary withdrawal Accredited on 10/31/1960. Accreditation was withdrawn at the institution's request as all 4 HUC campuses moved to MSCHE accreditation under the umbrella of the parent campus in New York. 

Hebrew Union College

Henley-Putnam University 2017 Voluntary withdrawal Candidacy granted 6/19/15, withdrew from candidacy effective 7/17/17. Accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission continues.

Henley-Putnam University

Holy Family College 1986 Closed  Accredited in June 1973.  Classes ended 7/31/1986.  Accred retained through 6/30/1987.  Terminated at own request.  

Sisters of the Holy Family, Fremont, CA

Immaculate Heart College Center 1981 Terminated Accredited in 1949 (month unknown) and terminated on 6/30/1981.

No information available; however, the college was established by the Immaculate Heart Community, which may be able to help.

Intercultural Institute of California 2008 Voluntary withdrawal Candidacy granted June 2004, withdrew from candidacy effective 5/31/08.

Intercultural Institute of California

Jesuit School of Theology Berkeley 2009 Merged Accredited in June 1971. Accreditation ended 12/9/2009 when the school merged with Santa Clara University. It then became known at the Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University. 

Santa Clara University

Lone Mountain College  1978 Terminated Accredited as the San Francisco College for Women in February 1949. Became Lone Mountain College in 1968. Accreditation was terminated 6/30/1978. The college was then absorbed by the University of San Francisco. 

University of San Francisco

Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary 2010 Merged  Accredited in 1972. Merged with Fresno Pacific University and became a campus of that institution effective 6/1/2010. Institution name changed to Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary in August 2011.

Fresno Pacific University

Monterey Institute of International Studies 2009 Terminated Accredited in October 1961. Terminated effective 3/9/2009, as the school became part of Middlebury College, VT.

Monterey Institute of International Studies

New College for Advanced Christian Studies - Berkeley 1995 Lapsed Candidacy granted June 1988. Candidacy was subsequently extended through 6/30/1995 and then lapsed.

New College Berkeley

New College of California 2008 Terminated Granted Candidacy February 1972. Accredited June 1976. Terminated effective 3/27/2008 with programs in teach-out accredited through 6/30/2008.  

A website is maintained for transcript requests. If experiencing difficulties with site, contact Colleen O'Neal, Acting Registrar/Records Officer for New College of California, Inc., at colleensoneal [at] John F. Kennedy University may have some law school transcripts for the the most recent law school graduates, including 2008 teach-out students. Contact JFKU at registration [at]

Northrop University 1992 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Accredited in February 1960, closed 2/29/1992.  The Institute of Technology was transferred to Rice Aviation, and the corporation's assets to the California Institute of Technology.

Northrop Student Records, PO Box 60845, Pasadena, CA 91106-6845; or contact the Registrar's office at California Institute of Technology.

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary 1990 Lapsed Granted candidacy in February 1987. Candidacy apparently then lapsed in June 1990.  

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary 

Rudolf Steiner College 2017 Voluntary withdrawal Granted candidacy on 2/24/2012. Candidacy status ended on 1/12/2017 at the request of the institution.

Rudolf Steiner College

Shepherd University 2017 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Granted Candidacy on 2/21/14. Was placed on Warning on 6/23/17. Institution closed 12/22/2017. 

To be advised. Check website.

St. John’s Seminary College 2003 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Accredited in May 1951. Closed 5/31/2003.   

St. John's Seminary, Camarillo

St. Joseph’s College  1993 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Accredited in November 1954 as St. Patrick's College. Name changed in 1982 to St. Joseph's College.  Accreditation expired on 6/30/1993.

St. Patrick's Seminary

The National Hispanic University  2015 Voluntary withdrawal (closed) Accredited on June 24, 2002. The institution closed on August 23, 2015.

NHU continues to maintain its website with information about who to contact for transcripts and other information.                                             

University of San Fernando Valley  1983 Merged Granted candidacy in June 1977. Candidacy was terminated as of 6/30/1983 when it merged with University of La Verne in 1983.

University of La Verne

West Coast University  1997 Terminated Accredited in January 1963. Terminated as of  3/11/1997. Reaccredited from 11/4/2011 under different ownership. 

Automated request system at phone number 213-383-8032. Transcripts are not available prior to 1980.

Western States University College of Law 2012 Merged Accredited in June 1976. Accreditation terminated effective 4/20/2012 following USDOE approval of the merger of the college with Argosy University. 

Argosy University

World College West  1992 Voluntary withdrawal Candidacy granted June 1976. Accreditation granted June 1981. Following a request from the college, accreditation was withdrawn effective 8/31/1992. 

Sonoma State University