Statement of Accreditation Status
Pepperdine University

24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263
United States

The OPEID number is used by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE) to identify schools that have Program Participation Agreements (PPA) for purposes of eligibility to participate in Federal Student Financial Assistance programs under Title IV.

Current Accreditation Status

Accredited- Indicates that the Commission has found that an institution has met or exceeded the expectations of the Standards and the Core Commitments to Institutional Capacity and Educational Effectiveness. Initial accreditation is for a period of five to seven years before the next comprehensive review. Reaffirmation is granted for a period of seven to ten years and may be accompanied by a request for interim reports and/or special visits, or a formal Notice of Concern.

Most Recent Commission Action: 
Friday, February 22, 2013
First Accredited

Date the institution was first accredited by WSCUC.

Undergraduate FTE: 
Graduate FTE: 
Financial Structure Type

Institutions within the WSCUC region are classified as Non-profit, For-profit or State-supported.


Choices include: No related entity, Proprietary with Parent Board, Religious Control, Multi-institutional system, Other. For more information please see the Related Entities Policy.

No Related Entity
Academic Calendar

The period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to 2 semesters or trimesters, 3 quarters, or the period covered by a 4-1-4 calendar system.

Distributes Federal Financial Aid: 
Role Name Title E-mail
Chief Executive Officer Andrew Benton President andrew.benton [at]
Chief Academic Officer Rick Marrs Provost & Chief Academic Officer rick.marrs [at]
Accreditation Liaison Officer Lisa Bortman Associate Provost of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Accreditation Liaison Officer lisa.bortman [at]
Board of Directors Chair Edwin Biggers Chair Board of Regents enjbiggers [at]
Chief Financial Officer Joan Singleton Chief Financial Officer joan.singleton [at]
Director Institutional Research Jazmin Zane Director of Institutional Research jazmin.zane [at]
OPEID Location Name City Location Type Status
01014922 Silicon Valley Center San Jose Additional Active
01014920 Irvine Graduate Campus Irvine Branch Campus Active
01014914 West Los Angeles Graduate Campus Los Angeles Branch Campus Active
01014909 Encino Graduate Campus Encino Additional Active
01014900 Pepperdine University Malibu Main Campus Active
01014930 Santa Barbara Center Santa Barbara Additional Active
Degree Degree Level Year Implementedsort descending Modality
Music Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Physics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Juris Doctor Professional Doctorate 1972 On-Site
Political Science Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Psychology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Accounting Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Religion Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Advertising Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Art Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Sociology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Biology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
American Studies Masters 1972 On-Site
Business Administration Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Chemistry Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Communication Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Computer Science/Mathematics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Theatre Arts Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Creative Writing Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Music Education Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Religion Masters 1972 On-Site
Economics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
English Bachelors 1972 On-Site
French Bachelors 1972 On-Site
German Bachelors 1972 On-Site
History Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Master of Divinity Masters 1972 On-Site
Journalism Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Liberal Arts Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Mathematics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Organization Development Masters 1975 On-Site
Natural Science (3/2 Engineering) Bachelors 1977 On-Site
Philosophy Bachelors 1977 On-Site
Sports Medicine Bachelors 1977 On-Site
Nutritional Science Bachelors 1982 On-Site
Administration Masters 1982 On-Site
Management Bachelors 1984 On-Site
Clinical Psychology Professional Doctorate 1986 On-Site
Public Relations Bachelors 1986 On-Site
Master of Business Administration Masters 1986 On-Site
International MBA Masters 1987 On-Site
Clinical Psychology with An Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy Masters 1987 On-Site
Education Masters 1987 On-Site
Psychology Masters 1987 On-Site
International Studies Bachelors 1987 On-Site
Certificate in Dispute Resolution Non-degree 1989 On-Site
Executive Master of Business Administration Masters 1990 On-Site
International Business Bachelors 1995 On-Site
Master of Dispute Resolution Masters 1996 On-Site
Master of Public Policy Masters 1997 On-Site
Certificate in Entrepreneurship and the Law Non-degree 2001 On-Site
Art History Bachelors 2003 On-Site
LLM in Dispute Resolution Masters 2003 On-Site
EdD in Learning Technologies Professional Doctorate 2004 On-Site
EdD in Organizational Leadership Professional Doctorate 2004 On-Site
Learning Technologies Masters 2004 Distance Education
International Master of Business Administration Masters 2004 On-Site
Master of Business Administration for Presidents and Key Executives Masters 2004 On-Site
Ministry Masters 2006 On-Site
Certificate in Conflict Management Non-degree 2007 On-Site
Film Studies Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Mathematics Education Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Applied Finance Masters 2008 On-Site
Global Business Masters 2008 On-Site
Management and Leadership Masters 2008 On-Site
Integrated Marketing Communication Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Master of Fine Arts in Screen and Television Writing Masters 2008 On-Site
Certificate in Criminal Legal Practice Non-degree 2009 On-Site
Italian Bachelors 2009 On-Site
EdD in Educational Leadership Administration and Policy Professional Doctorate 2010 On-Site
Social Entrepreneurship and Change Masters 2010 On-Site
Hispanic Studies Bachelors 2010 On-Site
Certificate in International Comparative Law Non-degree 2010 On-Site
Certificate in Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible Business Pra Non-degree 2010 On-Site
Theatre and Music Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Theatre and Media Production Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Media Production Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Fully Employed Master of Business Administration Masters 2013 Distance Education
Accounting Masters 2013 On-Site
Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Nutrition Non-degree 2013 On-Site
Sports Administration Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Strategic Communication Masters 2015 On-Site
Cinematic Media Production Masters 2015 On-Site
Teaching Masters 2015 On-Site
Human Resources Masters 2015 On-Site
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Masters 2015 On-Site
Fully Employed Master of Business Administration Masters 2015 On-Site
Fully Employed Master of Science in Human Resources Masters 2016 On-Site
Full-Time Master of Science in Human Resources Masters 2016 On-Site
Master of Science in Real Estate Masters 2016 On-Site
Certificate in Entertainment, Media and Sports Law Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Public Policy Summer Seminar Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Certificate in Global Business Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Global Leadership and Change Research Doctorate 2016 On-Site
Management Bachelors 2016 Distance Education
Behavioral Psychology Masters 2016 On-Site
Applied Analytics Masters 2016 On-Site
LLM in United States Law and Dispute Resolution Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in United States Law Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in International Commercial Law and Arbitration Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in Entertainment, Media & Sports Law Masters 2017 On-Site
Master of Legal Studies Masters 2017 Distance Education
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology Masters 2017 Distance Education
Master of Art in Psychology Masters 2018 Distance Education
Behavioral Psychology Masters 2018 Distance Education
Season Year Review Type
Fall 2020 Offsite Review
Fall 2021 Accreditation Visit

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