California State University San Bernardino

Location Type: 
Main Campus
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397
United States
Location Status: 
Titlesort descending Degree Level Year Implemented Modality
Accountancy Masters 2009 On-Site
Accountancy 3:2 Masters 2009 On-Site
Administration Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Anthropology Bachelors 1970 On-Site
Applied Archaeology Masters 2015 On-Site
Arabic Language Literature and Culture Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Art Masters 2007 On-Site
Bioinformatics Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Biology Masters 1974 On-Site
Biology Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Business Administration Masters 2000 Distance Education
Business Administration Masters 1977 On-Site
Career and Technical Studies Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Chemistry Bachelors 1966 On-Site
Child Development Masters 2009 On-Site
Communication Bachelors 1993 On-Site
Communication Studies Masters 2001 On-Site
Computer Engineering Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Computer Science Masters 1994 On-Site
Computer Science Bachelors 1983 On-Site
Computer Systems Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Counseling and Guidance Masters 1992 On-Site
Criminal Justice Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Criminal Justice Masters 2007 On-Site
Earth and Environmental Studies Masters 2006 On-Site
Economics Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Education Masters 1976 On-Site
Educational Administration Masters 1989 On-Site
Educational Leadership Professional Doctorate 2007 On-Site
English Bachelors 1986 On-Site
English Composition Masters 1980 On-Site
English Creative Writing Bachelors 1989 On-Site
Environmental Studies Bachelors 1994 On-Site
French Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Geography Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Geology Bachelors 1991 On-Site
Health Science Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Health Services Administration Masters 1988 On-Site
History Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Human Development Bachelors 1983 On-Site
Information Systems and Technology Bachelors 2016 On-Site
Intedislipinary Programs-AmericanStudies Bachelors 1978 On-Site
Interdisciplinary Studies Masters 1990 On-Site
Kinesiology Bachelors 1997 On-Site
Liberal Studies Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Mathematics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Mathematics Masters 1992 On-Site
Music Bachelors 1989 On-Site
National Cyber Security Studies Masters 2015 On-Site
National Security Studies Masters 1986 On-Site
Nursing Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Nursing Masters 1990 On-Site
Nutrition and Food Sciences Bachelors 2001 On-Site
Philosophy Bachelors 1968 On-Site
Physics Bachelors 1968 On-Site
Political Science Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Psychological Sciences Masters 1985 On-Site
Psychology Masters 1974 On-Site
Psychology Bachelors 1966 On-Site
Public Administration Masters 2007 On-Site
Public Administration Masters 2007 On-Site
Public Health Masters 2006 On-Site
Rehabilitation Counseling Masters 1986 On-Site
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Masters 2014 On-Site
Social Sciences Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Social Sciences and Globalization Masters 1991 On-Site
Social Work Masters 1989 On-Site
Social Work Bachelors 2005 On-Site
Sociology Bachelors 1966 On-Site
Spanish Masters 2005 On-Site
Spanish Bachelors 1968 On-Site
Special Education Masters 2015 On-Site
Special Major Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Teaching Mathematics Masters 2003 On-Site
Theatre Arts Masters 2006 On-Site
Theatre Arts Bachelors 1978 On-Site