Pacific Union College

Location Type: 
Main Campus
One Angwin Avenue
Angwin, CA 94508-9797
United States
Location Status: 
Titlesort descending Degree Level Year Implemented Modality
Art A.S. Associate 1984 On-Site
Art BA Bachelors 1960 On-Site
Associate of Science in Personal Training Associate 2019 On-Site
Aviation A.S. Associate 2007 On-Site
Aviation B.S. Bachelors 1997 On-Site
Bachelor of Science in Data Science Bachelors 2020 On-Site
Biochemistry B.S. Bachelors 2016 On-Site
Biology B.S. Bachelors 1957 On-Site
Biology BA Bachelors 1937 On-Site
Biomathematics B.S. Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Biophysics B.S. Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Business Administration B.B.A Bachelors 1981 On-Site
Business Administration B.S. Bachelors 1936 On-Site
Business Administration BA Bachelors 1938 On-Site
Chemistry B.S. Bachelors 1950 On-Site
Chemistry BA Bachelors 1937 On-Site
Communication B.S. Bachelors 1962 On-Site
Communication BA Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Computer Information Systems B.S. Bachelors 2016 On-Site
Design A.S. Associate 1993 On-Site
Design BA Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Early Childhood Education A.S. Associate 1973 On-Site
Early Childhood Education B.S. Bachelors 1980 On-Site
Education M.Ed. Masters 2000 On-Site
Emergency Management B.S. Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Emergency Services A.S. Associate 2008 On-Site
English BA Bachelors 1922 On-Site
Environmental Studies B.S. Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Exercise Science B.S. Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Film A.S Associate 2011 On-Site
Film B.F.A. Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Film BA Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Fine Art B.F.A. Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Global Development Studies B.A. Bachelors 2017 On-Site
Global Development Studies B.S. Bachelors 2017 On-Site
Graphic Design B.F.A. Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Health Communication BA Bachelors 2013 On-Site
Health Sciences A.S. Associate 2012 On-Site
History BA Bachelors 1922 On-Site
History Political Studies and Ethics B.S. Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Language and Culture Studies BA Bachelors 2016 On-Site
Liberal Studies B.S. Bachelors 1987 On-Site
Management for Medical Professionals B.S. Bachelors 2015 On-Site
Master of Arts in Teaching MAT. Masters 2013 On-Site
Mathematics B.S. Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Music A.S. Associate 2002 On-Site
Music B.S. Bachelors 1956 On-Site
Nursing A.S. Associate 1960 On-Site
Nursing AS Associate 1997 On-Site
Nursing B.S.N. Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Nursing B.S.N. Bachelors 1935 On-Site
Physical Education B.S. Bachelors 1956 On-Site
Physics B.S. Bachelors 1954 On-Site
Psychology B.S. Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Psychology BA Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Religion BA Bachelors 1945 On-Site
Social Studies B.S. Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Social Work B.S.W. Bachelors 1979 On-Site
Spanish Studies BA Bachelors 1937 On-Site
Theology BA Bachelors 1947 On-Site