Pepperdine University

Location Type: 
Main Campus
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263
United States
Location Status: 
Titlesort descending Degree Level Year Implemented Modality
Accounting Masters 2013 On-Site
Accounting Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Advertising Bachelors 1972 On-Site
American Studies Masters 1972 On-Site
Applied Analytics Masters 2016 On-Site
Applied Finance Masters 2008 On-Site
Art Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Art History Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Biology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Business Administration Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Certificate in Conflict Management Non-degree 2007 On-Site
Certificate in Dispute Resolution Non-degree 1989 On-Site
Certificate in Socially, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible Business Pra Non-degree 2010 On-Site
Chemistry Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Cinematic Media Production Masters 2015 On-Site
Clinical Psychology with An Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy Masters 1987 On-Site
Communication Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Computer Science/Mathematics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Creative Writing Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Economics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
English Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Film Studies Bachelors 2007 On-Site
French Bachelors 1972 On-Site
German Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Global Business Masters 2008 On-Site
Hispanic Studies Bachelors 2010 On-Site
History Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Human Resources Masters 2015 On-Site
Integrated Marketing Communication Bachelors 2008 On-Site
International Business Bachelors 1995 On-Site
International Master of Business Administration Masters 2004 On-Site
International MBA Masters 1987 On-Site
International Studies Bachelors 1987 On-Site
Italian Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Journalism Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Juris Doctor Professional Doctorate 1972 On-Site
Liberal Arts Bachelors 1972 On-Site
LLM in Dispute Resolution Masters 2003 On-Site
LLM in Entertainment, Media & Sports Law Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in International Commercial Law and Arbitration Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in United States Law Masters 2017 On-Site
LLM in United States Law and Dispute Resolution Masters 2017 On-Site
Master of Business Administration Masters 1986 On-Site
Master of Dispute Resolution Masters 1996 On-Site
Master of Divinity Masters 1972 On-Site
Master of Fine Arts in Screen and Television Writing Masters 2008 On-Site
Master of Public Policy Masters 1997 On-Site
Mathematics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Mathematics Education Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Media Production Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Ministry Masters 2006 On-Site
Music Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Music Education Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Natural Science (3/2 Engineering) Bachelors 1977 On-Site
Nutritional Science Bachelors 1982 On-Site
Philosophy Bachelors 1977 On-Site
Physics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Political Science Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Nutrition Non-degree 2013 On-Site
Psychology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Public Relations Bachelors 1986 On-Site
Religion Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Religion Masters 1972 On-Site
Sociology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Sports Administration Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Sports Medicine Bachelors 1977 On-Site
Strategic Communication Masters 2015 On-Site
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Masters 2015 On-Site
Theatre and Media Production Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Theatre and Music Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Theatre Arts Bachelors 1972 On-Site