University of California Irvine

Location Type: 
Main Campus
510 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-1000
United States
Location Status: 
Titlesort descending Degree Level Year Implemented Modality
Accountancy Masters 2013 On-Site
Aerospace Engineering Bachelors 1993 On-Site
African American Studies Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Anthropology Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Anthropology Masters 1976 On-Site
Anthropology Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Art Masters 2013 On-Site
Art History Masters 2016 On-Site
Art History Bachelors 1995 On-Site
Asian American Studies Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Biological Sciences Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Biological Sciences Masters 1965 On-Site
Biological Sciences Research Doctorate 1965 On-Site
Biology/Education Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Biomedical and Translational Science Masters 2012 On-Site
Biomedical Engineering Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Biomedical Engineering Masters 2002 On-Site
Biomedical Engineering Research Doctorate 2002 On-Site
Biomedical Engineering: Premedical Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Biomedical Sciences Masters 1973 On-Site
Biomedical Sciences Research Doctorate 1973 On-Site
Biotechnology Management Masters 2012 On-Site
Business Administration Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Business Administration Masters 1989 On-Site
Business Analytics Masters 2017 On-Site
Business Economics Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Business Information Management Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Masters 1996 On-Site
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Research Doctorate 1996 On-Site
Chemical Engineering Bachelors 1993 On-Site
Chemical Engineering Research Doctorate 1996 On-Site
Chemistry Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Chemistry Masters 1965 On-Site
Chemistry Research Doctorate 1965 On-Site
Chicano/Latino Studies Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Chinese Studies Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Civil Engineering Bachelors 1975 On-Site
Civil Engineering Masters 1975 On-Site
Civil Engineering Research Doctorate 1975 On-Site
Classics Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Classics Masters 1981 On-Site
Classics Research Doctorate 1998 On-Site
Cognitive Neuroscience Masters 2013 On-Site
Cognitive Sciences Bachelors 2013 On-Site
Comparative Literature Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Comparative Literature Masters 1969 On-Site
Comparative Literature Research Doctorate 1969 On-Site
Computer Engineering Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Computer Game Science Bachelors 2010 On-Site
Computer Science Research Doctorate 2007 On-Site
Computer Science Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Computer Science Masters 2017 On-Site
Computer Science and Engineering Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Conservation and Restoration Sciences Masters 2017 On-Site
Criminology Law and Society Bachelors 1993 On-Site
Criminology Law and Society Research Doctorate 1989 On-Site
Culture and Theory Masters 2005 On-Site
Culture and Theory Research Doctorate 2005 On-Site
Dance Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Dance Masters 1969 On-Site
Developmental and Cell Biology Bachelors 2004 On-Site
Drama Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Drama Masters 1969 On-Site
Drama and Theatre Research Doctorate 1998 On-Site
Earth System Science Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Earth System Science Masters 1995 On-Site
Earth System Science Research Doctorate 1995 On-Site
East Asian Cultures Bachelors 1995 On-Site
East Asian Languages and Literatures Masters 1993 On-Site
East Asian Languages and Literatures Research Doctorate 1993 On-Site
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Bachelors 2004 On-Site
Economics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Economics Masters 1976 On-Site
Economics Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Education Masters 2012 On-Site
Education Research Doctorate 2012 On-Site
Education Sciences Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters 1995 On-Site
Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Doctorate 1995 On-Site
Electrical Engineering Bachelors 1968 On-Site
Elementary and Secondary Education Masters 2012 On-Site
Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Masters 2017 On-Site
Engineering Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Engineering Masters 1992 On-Site
Engineering Research Doctorate 1992 On-Site
Engineering Management Masters 2012 On-Site
English Masters 1965 On-Site
English Research Doctorate 1965 On-Site
English Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Environmental Engineering Bachelors 1993 On-Site
Environmental Health Sciences Masters 2013 On-Site
Environmental Health Sciences Research Doctorate 2013 On-Site
Environmental Science Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Epidemiology Masters 2011 On-Site
Epidemiology Research Doctorate 2011 On-Site
European Studies Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Exercise Sciences Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Film and Media Studies Bachelors 2004 On-Site
Finance Masters 2017 On-Site
French Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Gender and Sexuality Studies Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Genetic Counseling Masters 1982 On-Site
Genetics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
German Masters 1967 On-Site
German Research Doctorate 1973 On-Site
German Studies Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Global Cultures Bachelors 2002 On-Site
History Bachelors 1965 On-Site
History Masters 1966 On-Site
History Research Doctorate 1967 On-Site
Human Biology Bachelors 2013 On-Site
Informatics Bachelors 2004 On-Site
Informatics Research Doctorate 2014 On-Site
Information and Computer Science Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Information and Computer Science Masters 1969 On-Site
Integrated Composition Improvisation and Technology Masters 2015 On-Site
Integrated Composition Improvisation and Technology Research Doctorate 2015 On-Site
International Studies Bachelors 1997 On-Site
Japanese Language and Literature Bachelors 1990 On-Site
Korean Literature and Culture Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Latin Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Law JD Professional Doctorate 2009 On-Site
Laws in American Law (LL.M.) Masters 2017 On-Site
Literary Journalism Bachelors 2002 On-Site
Management Masters 2006 On-Site
Management Research Doctorate 1997 On-Site
Materials Science and Engineering Masters 2001 On-Site
Materials Science and Engineering Research Doctorate 1992 On-Site
Materials Science Engineering Bachelors 2001 On-Site
Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology Masters 2015 On-Site
Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology Research Doctorate 2015 On-Site
Mathematics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Mathematics Masters 1965 On-Site
Mathematics Research Doctorate 1965 On-Site
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Masters 1991 On-Site
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Research Doctorate 1991 On-Site
Mechanical Engineering Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Medicine Professional Doctorate 1969 On-Site
Microbiology and Immunology Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Music Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Music Masters 1969 On-Site
Music Performance Bachelors 1990 On-Site
Music Theatre Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Networked Systems Masters 2003 On-Site
Networked Systems Research Doctorate 2003 On-Site
Neurobiology Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Nursing Science Research Doctorate 2012 On-Site
Nursing Science Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Nursing Science Masters 2008 On-Site
Pharmaceutical Sciences Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Pharmacological Sciences Masters 2013 On-Site
Pharmacological Sciences Research Doctorate 2013 On-Site
Philosophy Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Philosophy Masters 1966 On-Site
Philosophy Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Philosophy Political Science and Economics Masters 2015 On-Site
Physics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Physics Masters 1965 On-Site
Physics Research Doctorate 1965 On-Site
Planning Policy and Design Masters 2006 On-Site
Planning, Policy, and Design Research Doctorate 2002 On-Site
Political Science Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Political Science Masters 1976 On-Site
Political Science Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Psychology Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Psychology Masters 1966 On-Site
Psychology Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Psychology and Social Behavior Bachelors 1993 On-Site
Psychology and Social Behavior Research Doctorate 2002 On-Site
Public Health Research Doctorate 2013 On-Site
Public Health Masters 2008 On-Site
Public Health Policy Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Public Health Sciences Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Public Policy Masters 2011 On-Site
Quantitative Economics Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Religious Studies Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Social Ecology Masters 1974 On-Site
Social Ecology Research Doctorate 1976 On-Site
Social Ecology Bachelors 1970 On-Site
Social Policy and Public Service Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Social Science Masters 1976 On-Site
Social Science Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Sociology Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Sociology Masters 2001 On-Site
Sociology Research Doctorate 2001 On-Site
Software Engineering Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Software Engineering Masters 2012 On-Site
Software Engineering Research Doctorate 2012 On-Site
Spanish Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Spanish Masters 1967 On-Site
Spanish Research Doctorate 1968 On-Site
Statistics Masters 2005 On-Site
Statistics Research Doctorate 2005 On-Site
Studio Art Masters 2011 On-Site
Transportation Science Masters 1993 On-Site
Transportation Science Research Doctorate 1993 On-Site
Urban and Regional Planning Masters 1991 On-Site
Urban Studies Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Visual Studies Masters 1998 On-Site
Visual Studies Research Doctorate 1998 On-Site