University of California Santa Cruz

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Main Campus
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
United States
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Titlesort descending Degree Level Year Implemented Modality
Anthropology Bachelors 1966 On-Site
Anthropology Research Doctorate 1990 On-Site
Applied Economics and Finance Masters 1980 On-Site
Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism Bachelors 2017 On-Site
Applied Mathematics Masters 2006 On-Site
Applied Mathematics Research Doctorate 2006 On-Site
Applied Physics Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Art Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Art Design: Games and Playable Media Bachelors 2015 On-Site
Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bachelors 1983 On-Site
Bioinformatics Bachelors 2001 On-Site
Biology Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Biology Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics Masters 2003 On-Site
Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics Research Doctorate 2003 On-Site
Business Management Economics Bachelors 1998 On-Site
Chemistry Masters 1967 On-Site
Chemistry Research Doctorate 1967 On-Site
Chemistry (BS) Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Classical Studies Bachelors 1999 On-Site
Coastal Science and Policy Masters 2018 On-Site
Cognitive Science Bachelors 2010 On-Site
Community Studies Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Computational Media Masters 2017 On-Site
Computational Media Research Doctorate 2017 On-Site
Computer Engineering Bachelors 1986 On-Site
Computer Engineering Masters 1989 On-Site
Computer Engineering Research Doctorate 1989 On-Site
Computer Science (BS) Bachelors 1968 On-Site
Computer Science and Engineering Masters 1972 On-Site
Computer Science and Engineering Research Doctorate 1972 On-Site
Computer Science: Computer Game Design Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Bachelors 2014 On-Site
Digital Arts & New Media Masters 2003 On-Site
Earth Sciences Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Earth Sciences Masters 1968 On-Site
Earth Sciences Research Doctorate 1968 On-Site
Ecology and Evolution Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Masters 2004 On-Site
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Research Doctorate 2004 On-Site
Economics Research Doctorate 1990 On-Site
Economics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Education Research Doctorate 2002 On-Site
Education (with Credentials) Masters 1983 On-Site
Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters 2002 On-Site
Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Doctorate 2002 On-Site
Electrical Engineering Bachelors 1997 On-Site
Environmental Studies Bachelors 1970 On-Site
Environmental Studies Research Doctorate 1994 On-Site
Feminist Studies Bachelors 1974 On-Site
Feminist Studies Research Doctorate 2012 On-Site
Film and Digital Media Bachelors 1995 On-Site
Film and Digital Media Research Doctorate 2008 On-Site
Global Economics Bachelors 1994 On-Site
History Bachelors 1965 On-Site
History Masters 2003 On-Site
History Research Doctorate 1970 On-Site
History of Art and Visual Culture Bachelors 1975 On-Site
History of Consciousness Research Doctorate 1966 On-Site
Human Biology Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Italian Studies Bachelors 1999 On-Site
Jewish Studies Bachelors 2010 On-Site
Language Studies Bachelors 1982 On-Site
Latin American and Latino Studies Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Latin American and Latino Studies Research Doctorate 2012 On-Site
Legal Studies Bachelors 1982 On-Site
Linguistics Bachelors 1973 On-Site
Linguistics Masters 1987 On-Site
Linguistics Research Doctorate 1987 On-Site
Literature Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Literature Masters 1967 On-Site
Literature Research Doctorate 1967 On-Site
Marine Biology Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Mathematics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Mathematics Masters 1969 On-Site
Mathematics Research Doctorate 1969 On-Site
Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology Masters 1999 On-Site
Microbiology & Environmental Toxicology Research Doctorate 1999 On-Site
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Bachelors 2000 On-Site
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Masters 2004 On-Site
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Research Doctorate 2004 On-Site
Music Masters 1987 On-Site
Music Research Doctorate 2006 On-Site
Music (BA) Bachelors 1969 On-Site
Music Composition Professional Doctorate 2004 On-Site
Network & Digital Technology Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Neuroscience Bachelors 2001 On-Site
Ocean Sciences Masters 1981 On-Site
Ocean Sciences Research Doctorate 1998 On-Site
Philosophy Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Philosophy Masters 2000 On-Site
Philosophy Research Doctorate 2000 On-Site
Physics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Physics Masters 1969 On-Site
Physics Research Doctorate 1969 On-Site
Physics (Astrophysics) Bachelors 2001 On-Site
Plant Sciences Bachelors 2001 On-Site
Politics Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Politics Research Doctorate 2000 On-Site
Psychology Bachelors 1965 On-Site
Psychology Research Doctorate 1970 On-Site
Robotics Engineering Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Science Communication Masters 2018 On-Site
Science Education Bachelors 2017 On-Site
Scientific Computing and Applied Mathematics Masters 2015 On-Site
Social Documentation Masters 2017 On-Site
Sociology Bachelors 1966 On-Site
Sociology Research Doctorate 1976 On-Site
Spanish Studies Bachelors 2013 On-Site
Technology & Information Management Bachelors 1998 On-Site
Theater Arts Bachelors 1971 On-Site
Theater Arts Masters 2012 On-Site
Visual Studies Research Doctorate 2008 On-Site