University of San Diego

Location Type: 
Main Campus
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110-2942
United States
Location Status: 
Title Degree Level Year Implementedsort descending Modality
Juris Doctor Professional Doctorate 1954 On-Site
BA Biology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Chemistry Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA English Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA French and Francophone Studies Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA History Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Mathematics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Music Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Philosophy Bachelors 1972 On-Site
MA Counseling Masters 1972 On-Site
BA Physics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Political Science Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Psychology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Sociology Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Spanish Bachelors 1972 On-Site
MEd Special Education Masters 1972 On-Site
Bachelor of Accountancy Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BA Economics Bachelors 1972 On-Site
BBA Business Administration Bachelors 1972 On-Site
Master of Business Administration Masters 1973 On-Site
MEd Curriculum and Instruction Masters 1974 On-Site
BA Theology and Religious Studies Bachelors 1975 On-Site
Paralegal certificate Non-degree 1975 On-Site
BBA Business Economics Bachelors 1976 On-Site
LLM Comparative Law Masters 1978 On-Site
LLM Taxation Masters 1978 On-Site
LLM General Masters 1978 On-Site
MA International Relations Masters 1980 On-Site
BA International Relations Bachelors 1980 On-Site
BA Anthropology Bachelors 1980 On-Site
BA Computer Science Bachelors 1983 On-Site
Multiple Subject Credential Non-degree 1984 On-Site
MA Marital and Family Therapy Masters 1985 On-Site
BA Communication Studies Bachelors 1986 On-Site
BS/BA Electrical Engineering Bachelors 1987 On-Site
Nonprofit Leadership and Management certificate (undergraduate) Non-degree 1988 On-Site
MFA Acting Masters 1989 On-Site
BA Interdisciplinary Humanities Bachelors 1990 On-Site
MA Leadership Studies Masters 1994 On-Site
BS/BA Industrial and Systems Engineering Bachelors 1995 On-Site
LLM International Law Masters 1995 On-Site
Master of Science in Nursing Masters 1997 On-Site
MS Executive Leadership Masters 1999 On-Site
MS Global Leadership Masters 1999 On-Site
PhD Nursing Research Doctorate 1999 On-Site
LLM Business and Corporate Law Masters 2000 On-Site
Prelimary Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Disabilities Credential Non-degree 2000 On-Site
Single Subject English Credential Non-degree 2002 On-Site
Single Subject Health Credential Non-degree 2002 On-Site
MA Peace and Justice Masters 2002 On-Site
Single Subject Mathematics Credential Non-degree 2002 On-Site
Single Subject Science Credential Non-degree 2002 On-Site
Single Subject Social Science Credential Non-degree 2002 On-Site
Single Subject World Languages Credential Non-degree 2002 On-Site
BS/BA Mechanical Engineering Bachelors 2003 On-Site
MS Accountancy Masters 2003 On-Site
BA Ethnic Studies Bachelors 2003 On-Site
MA Nonprofit Leadership and Management Masters 2003 On-Site
BA Theatre Arts Bachelors 2003 On-Site
MS Real Estate Masters 2004 On-Site
BA Liberal Studies Bachelors 2004 On-Site
MA Higher Education Leadership Masters 2004 On-Site
BA Art History Bachelors 2004 On-Site
MEd TESOL Literacy and Culture Masters 2005 On-Site
BA Visual Arts Bachelors 2005 On-Site
BA Biochemistry Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Pupil Personnel Services Credential Non-degree 2006 On-Site
PhD Leadership Studies Research Doctorate 2006 On-Site
MS Taxation Masters 2007 On-Site
BBA Finance Bachelors 2007 On-Site
BBA Marketing Bachelors 2007 On-Site
Doctor of Nursing Practice - MSN to DNP Professional Doctorate 2008 On-Site
MS Legal Studies Masters 2009 On-Site
BBA International Business Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Diploma in Taxation Non-degree 2009 On-Site
BBA Real Estate Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Doctor of Nursing Practice Professional Doctorate 2010 On-Site
BA Architecture Bachelors 2010 On-Site
MS Health Care Informatics Masters 2011 On-Site
BA Italian Studies Bachelors 2012 On-Site
BA Behavioral Neuroscience Bachelors 2012 On-Site
BA Biophysics Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Health Care Informatics certificate (post-baccalaureate) Non-degree 2014 On-Site
MS Finance Masters 2015 On-Site
MS Cyber Security Engineering Masters 2015 On-Site
BA Environmental and Ocean Sciences Bachelors 2016 On-Site
MA Social Innovation Masters 2016 On-Site
MS Environmental and Ocean Sciences Masters 2017 On-Site
MS Conflict Management and Resolution Masters 2017 On-Site
Leadership Coaching Certificate Non-degree 2017 On-Site
MS Cyber Security Engineering Masters 2019 Distance Education
MS Applied Data Science Masters 2020 Distance Education
Restorative Justice Facilitation and Leadership Certificate Non-degree 2020 On-Site
Arts and Culture Leadership Certificate Non-degree 2020 On-Site
MS Learning Design and Technology Masters 2021 Distance Education
MS Applied Artificial Intelligence Masters 2021 Distance Education
MS Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship Masters 2021 Distance Education