Location Type: 
Av. Alameda San Marcos Cdra 2 Chorrillos
Lima09 Lima Lima
Location Status: 
Title Degree Levelsort ascending Year Implemented Modality
Dentistry and Maxillary Orthopedics Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Periodontics and Implantology Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Oral Rehabilitation Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Endodontics Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Odontopediatrics Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Non-degree 2016 On-Site
Master Program in Environmental Management and Sustainability Masters 2020 On-Site
Physical Therapy Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Environmental Engineering Bachelors 2017 On-Site
Communication and Photography Bachelors 2018 On-Site
Psychology Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Communication and Marketing Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Communication and Publicity Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Law Bachelors 1998 On-Site
Professional Interior Design Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Professional Graphic Design Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Civil Engineering Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Industrial Engineering Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Information Systems Engineering Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Software Engineering Bachelors 2004 On-Site
Mining Management Engineering Bachelors 2012 On-Site
Business Management Engineering Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Administration and Agribusiness Bachelors 2008 On-Site
Administration and Marketing Bachelors 1996 On-Site
Administration and International Business Bachelors 2003 On-Site
Sports Administration and Business Bachelors 2011 On-Site
Accounting and Administration Bachelors 1996 On-Site
Systems Engineering Bachelors 1996 On-Site
Medicine Bachelors 2007 On-Site
International Business Bachelors 2005 On-Site
Business Administration Bachelors 2005 On-Site
Accounting Bachelors 2013 On-Site
Marketing Bachelors 2005 On-Site
Banking and Financial Administration Bachelors 2009 On-Site
Bachelor's Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Bachelors 2021 On-Site
Veterinary Medicine Bachelors 2018 On-Site
Music Bachelors 2010 On-Site
Architecture Bachelors 1994 On-Site
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelors 2006 On-Site
Dentistry Bachelors 2008 On-Site