Watch Now! New Webinar on International Accreditation

In July 2019, the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) announced its decision to re-open international accreditation. WSCUC is enthusiastic about this opportunity to expand our global community and to learn from institutions around the world.*

On Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 2:00 – 3:00 pm PDT WSCUC hosted a webinar to share our plans for considering international institutions for Eligibility and potential Initial Accreditation. If you are interested in learning about the WSCUC process for accreditation of additional international institutions, please click here to access a recording of that webinar.

WSCUC initiated international accreditation in 2012 and currently accredits ten institutions of higher education based outside of the United States; two additional institutions are in Eligibility. In 2014, WSCUC suspended international accreditation to allow us to review our international activities. The Commission is now resuming international accreditation on a selective basis. 

The WSCUC Standards for accreditation are the same for all institutions, with one additional step for international institutions that we are calling an Expression of Interest (EOI) phase. This short process will allow WSCUC to understand how the institution can bring value to the WSCUC mission and members, along with how the institution engages with issues of governance, transparency, and academic freedom.

WSCUC will review a short EOI submission to determine a small number of institutions to invite to move forward with scheduling an onsite Eligibility workshop in the direction of seeking eligibility. During the webinar, you will find it helpful to have with you the EOI proposal template; the webinar will be an excellent time to ask questions about the EOI template and proposal process. View the EOI proposal template here

*When announcing the reopening of international accreditation, WSCUC Chair Dr. Reed Dasenbrock said, “We believe that our nation’s institutions have much to offer the world, and we know that there is much we can learn from the rest of the world. I am very excited we are reopening the door for international institutions to obtain WSCUC accreditation, and look forward to a new chapter in our international engagement and partnerships.”

Dr. Fernando Leon-Garcia, president of WSCUC-accredited Mexican university CETYS and co-chair of the Commission’s International Accreditation Committee, said, “WSCUC has historically played a leadership role in institutional accreditation within the U.S. and in select regions around the world, helping encourage improvement and also encouraging important educational reforms. WSCUC and its member institutions now have a renewed opportunity to further expand the benefits of institutional accreditation and promote best practices around the world.”