• Better Conversations, Better Data: Analysis to Improve DEI Outcomes

    December 10, 2020 - WSCUC

One of WSCUC’s priority projects to support equitable student success is called “Better Conversations, Better Data.” With the support of the Lumina Foundation, WSCUC is developing systematic pathways for increased use of evidence and outcomes data across the accreditation process to illuminate potential for improvement and achievement of standards. A central focus is a better understanding of whether institutions are successfully serving students of color and underrepresented populations and closing gaps in student outcomes over time by race/ethnicity, gender, financial need and other factors.

The new Key Indicators (KI) Reports disaggregate outcomes with the goal of prompting deep conversations about approaches and investments institutions are using to assure equitable achievement, and to identify instances where more focus is needed or serious problems exist. Ultimately WSCUC wants to promote reflection and action to eliminate systemic barriers and increase positive outcomes for students of every experience. See the Key Indicators Guide to learn more.

Staff Contact: Stephanie Huie