The Offsite Review

The focus of the Offsite Review is to make preliminary findings based upon the institutional report and supplementary documents. The institution submits its institutional report and exhibits 10 weeks prior to the Offsite Review. The review team then convenes to evaluate the institution and its compliance with the Standards.

During the course of the one-day Offsite Review, the review team engages in conversations with institutional representatives via video conference. Review team members also share impressions, note issues for follow-up, formulate questions for the onsite review, and identify additional documents they may wish to examine before or during the visit. The review team also either confirms the scheduling of the visit to the institution (six months later) or it recommends a different interval.

Following the Offsite Review, the institution receives a summary of strengths, areas that need improvement, foci for the visit, questions for which the team seeks answers or clarification, additional materials that may be needed, and any special considerations. This summary (see Offsite Review Summary of Lines of Inquiry Guide) is prepared by the team with guidance from the WSCUC staff liaison. The Lines of Inquiry summary is a private communication; it is not made public. WSCUC staff then work with the institution to make arrangements for the visit.