Offsite Review (OSR) Video Conference Setup Instructions

Suggested hardware

High quality external USB webcam & computer adequate to support HD video capture

Wired connection to internet

Conference quality speakerphone for voice portion of conference (Alternatively conference quality speaker and mic for computer based audio)

High resolution projector or HD TV (for viewing the WSCUC team)


We will be using Gotomeeting for the video portion of the call. The software is freely available here:

Room setup

The camera and screen should be placed directly in front of the participants so that team members have the impression that participants are looking directly at them.

Suggested Layout


Test Call

WSCUC staff will schedule a test call with your institution to confirm that everything is setup correctly and that both the audio and video are working. The test should be made using the same equipment and room setup that will be used for the OSR call.

OSR Call

WSCUC staff will establish the call roughly 15 minutes before the team and staff are scheduled to meet. This extra time is to ensure there are no problems.

Getting Help

If you need technical assistance setting up the equipment at your institution please contact your campus IT or AV departments.

If you have questions about scheduling the test call please contact: Mia Lowe, mlowe [at], 510.748.9001 Ext 300

If you have technical questions please contact: Henri Okinishi, hokinishi [at]