Institutional Samples

Samples Resource Center

The WASC office frequently receives requests from institutions for examples of proposals and reports. We are excited to provide a resource center in response to these requests.

The samples resource center can be found at


Submission of Samples

If your campus is amenable to sharing a recent proposal, we would be delighted to post it.

We ask that, along with the document(s), you provide a contact person (ALO or other campus designee) and contact information so that your colleagues may contact your institution with questions they may have.

Toward that end, please complete the About the Document cover page(below) to help us categorize your submission. The completed cover page must be inserted as the first page of your document.

We will employ full text search functionality and a simple taxonomy to help institutions identify relevant submissions more efficiently. We ask that you email your document as a single attachment in PDF compatible format. (Note that we cannot accept documents SCANNED to PDF as they are not searchable.)

If you would like to include hyperlinks to additional related documents (data tables, appendices) hosted on your institution's website, please feel free to do so in the report.

Please submit only one document per email. If you would like to submit multiple reports, send each one separately.

E-mail the document with the inserted cover page (below) as a single attachment to: wascsr [at]

Thank you in advance for your willingness to share your institutional work with your colleagues.

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