Jeb Egbert

Jeb Egbert, Co-President Emeritus, West Coast University. Prior to his retirement, Egbert was responsible for the oversight of the academic programs and related practices, policies and procedures of the University. Egbert spent approximately 20 years early in his career at a traditional, private, not-for-profit undergraduate institution where he taught in the business program and served in several administrative roles including Director of Career Services, Dean of Student Affairs, and Assistant to the President. He then transitioned to a corporate position with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), where he worked for 6 years in a role developing the account leaders of this international enterprise.

Egbert joined West Coast University in October of 2009 as the Provost and Chief Academic Officer and was promoted to Co-President of Academics in 2017. He has a special interest in demonstrable evidence of student learning and associated assessment frameworks and activities that can enable the University to engage in continuous improvement.

Current Term

2020 – 2023