Joseph Hoey

J. Joseph Hoey, IV serves as Vice Provost for Academic Services at National University, with over 28 years of experience in accreditation, institutional effectiveness, planning, board governance, and assessment.  A native of San Diego, Joseph has participated in accreditation visits for multiple regional and international accreditors, guided research universities and focused colleges to successful reaffirmation, and consulted with numerous domestic and international institutions on accreditation and effectiveness. His published research encompasses engineering and graduate assessment, program review, engaging faculty in assessment, alumni and employer feedback, validating student engagement research, transfer, and online program evaluation. He is co-author, with Jill Ferguson and David Chase, of Assessment at Creative Institutions: Quantifying and Qualifying the Aesthetic, and of Reframing Quality Assurance in Creative Disciplines: Evidence from Practice (Common Ground Publishing). Joseph holds an Ed.D. from NC State, a Master of Music from Florida State, and a BA in Music from UC San Diego

Current Term

2021 – 2024