Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR)

WSCUC developed the Thematic Pathway for Review, or TPR, as an alternate pathway for reaffirmation for eligible institutions that demonstrate consistent evidence of a healthy fiscal condition, strong student achievement indicators, and sustained quality performance. This new pathway is as rigorous as the current institutional review process, but the timeline is streamlined and the institution can focus on self-selected themes in addition to demonstrating compliance with the Standards.

Through the TPR process, eligible institutions have the opportunity to demonstrate compliance with all Standards through a document review (completing Component 2 of the current institutional review process) and then undertake a self-study that focuses on a topic or topics chosen by the institution and related to one or more of the Standards (completing Component 8).  In addition, the institution will complete Component 1 to provide a brief overview of the institution and its response to previous Commission recommendations and Component 9 to reflect on what has been learned and next steps.  

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