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Accrediting Institutions that Share WSCUC’s Values

When the US Department of Education issued rules allowing historically regional accreditors to accredit institutions outside their historic geographic scope, WSCUC decided to broaden its reach while continuing to be guided by its longstanding core principles:

  • Accreditation should put student learning and success front and center.
  • WSCUC aspires to be a leader in honoring institutional mission and diversity while sustaining high standards. To us, quality means inclusiveness and equity, not exclusivity and stratification.
  • We are committed to transparency and accountability, and to a model of accreditation that provides value to the institution and isn’t an undue burden.
  • As the historically regional accreditor for a dynamic, diverse, and innovative part of the country, we understand that higher education must and will change as the world changes.

Institutions that WSCUC accredits share and advance WSCUC’s equity, evidence-based, and innovation priorities. They include public and private institutions that have been recognized for promoting social mobility, institutions known internationally for excellence in research, faith-based institutions representing Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and Muslim affiliations, specialty institutions in health sciences and law, arts institutions, and international institutions.

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