• Public Comments & Complaints

About Public Comments & Complaints

Accreditation by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) represents the Commission’s judgment that an institution is satisfactorily achieving its mission and educational purposes and that it meets or exceeds the Commission’s standards of quality, integrity, and effectiveness.

WSCUC values information provided by students, employees, and others in determining whether an institution’s performance is consistent with the Standards of Accreditation and Commission policies and procedures.

WSCUC has two established means for receiving comments from concerned stakeholders about its member institutions:

  1. Complaints: Complaints are usually filed by employees and students who have grievances that draw into question the member institution’s adherence to one or more Commission Accreditation Standards or Policies.
  2. Third-Party Comments: Third-party comments are typically more general comments of a substantive nature about a member institution.

It is worth taking the time to read through the Complaints and Third-Party Comments Policy to get details on the types of complaints WSCUC can address and the scope of its authority as an accrediting body.

What We Cannot Resolve

WSCUC is not in a position to mediate or resolve grievances.

The Commission’s complaint procedures are for the purpose of addressing significant non-compliance with the Standards of Accreditation and Commission policies. Thus, WSCUC will not interpose itself as an adjudicatory or grievance-resolving body in individual matters including:

  • admission
  • granting or transfer of academic credit
  • grades
  • fees
  • student financial aid
  • student discipline
  • transcripts
  • collective bargaining, faculty or staff appointments, promotion, tenure, contractual rights and obligations, and dismissals or similar matters.

Submitting a Comment or Complaint

Please Note:

  • WSCUC considers complaints of students or employees only insofar as such complaints demonstrate a possible violation of WSCUC Standards by a member institution.
  • The complainant must have attempted to resolve the underlying grievance with the institution prior to the filing of a complaint with WSCUC. The complainant must provide evidence that a serious effort to resolve the grievance was made prior to the filing of the complaint.
  • A complaint must be submitted within a year of the occurrence of the issue in question.
  • Please use the forms via the buttons below to complete and submit your comment or complaint.
  • For financial aid issues, please contact the Federal Student Aid Office of the Ombudsman at 1-877-557-2575, or go to https://studentaid.gov/feedback-center/.

Individuals should review the Complaints and Third-Party Comments Policy to ascertain the appropriate means to communicate comments and complaints.