The Challenge of Excellence: Realizing the New Standards

The WASC Senior College and University Commission adopted new Standards of Accreditation in November 2022, completing this once-a-decade endeavor after years of outreach and input. The 2022 Standards express a commitment to success for all students, ensure institutional quality, and promote institutional cultures of evidence and improvement.

At ARC2023, we will explore how the 2022 Standards build on prior institutional accomplishments to create opportunities for advancing quality, accountability, and improvement to support student learning, student success, and institutional effectiveness. Plenary sessions will explain and expand on the intent behind the 2022 Standards and their elevated expectations for institutional engagement: foregrounding student success, committing to evidence into action, and defining DEI in the institution’s context while respecting the unique mission of each institution. The plenary presentations will be complemented by workshops and concurrent sessions that delve more deeply into how Standards can be used as a guideline for institutional achievement and maintenance of accreditation with WSCUC.