Notes from the ARC: How to Fail Successfully

After receiving a ten-year reaffirmation, people kept asking me how I did it. 

“What software did you use?”

“How did you measure quantitative reasoning across all disciplines?”

“Did all your students exceed your learning outcomes?”

Notes from the ARC: Improving retention and graduation rates through Project Succeed

San Jose State University (SJSU) developed Project Succeed to help improve retention and graduation rates, while also closing the achievement gap for Under-Represented Minorities (URMs).

The program has three major goals: strengthen SJSU’s core academic performance in graduation and retention, provide an improved supportive environment for URM students, and enhance the delivery and integration of academic and co-curricular support services. 

Notes from the ARC: “So, what do you do?”

Given we’ve just recently moved, I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked “So, what do you do working at Cal Poly?”  

Now begins my instantaneous internal conversation… How to I respond?  Where do I start?  What is their knowledge level of higher education or assessment?  Do I have the time to do this now?

Then my typical response: “I’m the Director of Student Affairs Assessment and Research.”  

At this point, they typically insert blank stare and “Woah, that’s a long title… So, what does that mean?”

Notes from the ARC: What Should Keep Us Up at Night in Higher Education?

Public universities are among the most important and influential institutions in our society.  In the best of cases, public universities positively influence society through education of the next generation of leaders and the creation of new knowledge from research programs.  But how do public universities ensure that they are appropriately reflecting the values and priorities of those they serve?  And what if the public is conflicted about which values and priorities are most important?

Notes from the ARC: Equity and Access in Higher Ed - What’s Data Got to Do with It?

Since completing a college degree is vital to moving to a higher socioeconomic level, access to higher education is paramount. WSCUC and other accreditors have always maintained a strong focus on access to education. More recently, however, we are also dedicating significant attention to outcomes and measures of educational effectiveness, including retention, graduation and achievement of learning outcomes.


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