• Accreditation Leadership Academy (ALA)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Accreditation Leadership Academy (ALA)?

The ALA Framework is a literal and figurative container of the work that each cohort of the ALA creates based on the themes of Equity, Evidence, and Effectiveness. The three pillars of the ALA are brought together in a collaborative environment to create a living, usable and documented understanding of how they tie into and promote institutional (especially educational) effectiveness.

What methodology does it follow?

Learning is an inherently social process. We learn through observation, communication, and collaboration. The methodology used to create the ALA is collaborative by nature and founded in the principles of Inquiry-Based Learning. By cultivating a professional learning network (PLN) that extends beyond local networks, there will be opportunities for ongoing learning for participants to continue to grow in their practice. PLNs are uniquely personalized “systems of interactions consisting of people, resources, and digital tools that support ongoing learning and professional growth” (Trust, Krutka, & Carpenter, 2016, p. 28).

The flexible, empowering, and authentic nature of PLNs will allow ALA participants to make connections and to get support and ideas for developing their craft in meaningful ways. This connected, social approach to research and learning will foster innovative ideas and solutions to the challenges of integrating Equity, Evidence and Effectiveness into professional practice and resources for accreditation.

How will the ALA be delivered?

The ALA will be delivered in a blended/hybrid learning environment. It will include in-person and online components and focus on the creation of multimedia artifacts to meet diverse learning needs and access to information. The multimedia artifacts may manifest as, but are not limited to: research papers, blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, white papers, an academic action plan, website, story map, animated or digitally published text, etc. To ensure effective and engaging multimedia products, we will provide participants with:

• Clear and measurable learning outcomes for the assignment.
• Help in determining the type of media to use based on the learning outcomes of the assignment and the required time to accomplish it.
• The deliverable required for the project and relevance to the ALA framework.
• A provided structure for the assignment that requires revisions: an outline, pitch, or proposal, a first draft, and a final version, with feedback to guide each stage.
• Predetermined assessments and rubrics.
• Help in determining the type of training, scaffolding, and technical support needed.
• An adequate/fair workload for the assignment.
• An understanding of how the product will be shared in the Professional Learning Network.