• Spring Commission Meeting – Policy Updates

    March 27, 2015 - WSCUC

During its February 2015 meeting the Commission adopted the following policy changes.

1. New Gifts Policy

The Commission approved a new Gifts Policy to raise awareness of this existing practice as outlined in the Visit Process Guide. This policy is intended to make it easier for evaluators and staff, prior to a visit, to inform institutions that they may not accept gifts of more than nominal value. Note that this policy does not extend to food for consumption by the team on the visit or supplies that expedite the team’s work.


2. Incubation Policy

A new Incubation Policy has been adopted regarding structural change review requirements for proposed “incubation” relationships between WSCUC accredited institutions and unaccredited entities. The policy will be included in the revised Substantive Change Manual.  


3. Revised Agreements Policy

The revised Agreements with Unaccredited Entities Policy and Guidelines replaces Contracts with Unaccredited Entities. The policy now reflects federal regulations regarding such agreements and is effective immediately.