• Substantive Change Policy Revision

    March 3, 2017 - WSCUC

To conform to expectations in the Code of Federal Regulations concerning accreditation and substantive change, WSCUC has amended its Substantive Change Policy and supporting procedures effective July 1, 2017. The Commission, at its February 17, 2017 meeting approved revisions to the Substantive Change Policy, and acted to retire the Degree Level Approval Policy. 

The revision of the Substantive Change Policy and retirement of the Degree Level Approval Policy requires new programs to be reviewed that represent a significant departure from the existing offerings of educational programs, or method of delivery, from those that were offered when WSCUC last evaluated the institution. All new programs must now undergo a WSCUC screening to determine the necessity of a review before implementation. The “G”, “S”, and “I” approval levels will be eliminated. Please refer to the revised Substantive Change Policy for the details. WSCUC staff will work closely with all institutions to facilitate a smooth transfer to this new process. The Substantive Change Manual will be updated this spring.

This change also establishes two categories of locations in addition to an institution’s main campus: “Branch Campus” and “Additional Location” (formerly called Standalone). Institutions with locations formerly recognized as “Satellite” locations have had them grandfathered as Additional Locations.

Finally, the revised Policy includes adjustments in language whereby “degree” programs will now be known as “educational” programs.This reflects a further adjustment to recognize federal expectations. 

Comments or questions may be directed to John Hausaman, Director of Substantive Change and Committee Relations (jhausaman@wscuc.org).