• Commission Policy Update – Policies Revised

    November 21, 2018 - WSCUC

Conflict of Interest Policy

Following circulation to the region for comment, a revised version of the Conflict of Interest Policy, was approved by the Commission during its June 2018 Meeting. After additional legal review, the Executive Committee of the Commission approved the policy in September 2018.

The policy has been updated with respect to disclosing potential conflicts, appearance of conflicts, and recusal in the context of work by WSCUC Commissioners, committee members, reviewers, staff, and consultants. It has also been streamlined and revised for greater internal consistency and coherence. The policy was revised in alignment with a newly combined Standards of Conduct, Confidentiality Agreement, and Conflict of Interest Form. WSCUC had two versions of conduct, confidentiality, and conflict of interest forms and these have been combined into one form for all Commission-associated parties (Commissioners, appointed committee members, team members, staff, consultants, and other related individuals).

Staff contact: Lori Williams


Credit Hour Policy

Although the Commission approved a revised version of the Credit Hour Policy for circulation to the region for comment during its June 2018 Meeting, and comments were received during this period, the Commission will postpone a second reading on this policy until after the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) concludes its negotiated rulemaking process. The negotiated rulemaking process is expected to include consideration of the credit hour, distance education, and faith-based institutions. Revisions to the WSCUC Credit Hour Policy will be considered by the Commission following possible new USDE rules.

Staff contact: Lori Williams


Collective Bargaining Policy

The Commission approved retiring the Collective Bargaining Policy. It was retired given that the policy does not pertain directly to the WSCUC Standards or Criteria or Review.

Staff contact: Lori Williams


Honorary Degrees Policy

The Commission also approved retiring the Honorary Degrees Policy. It was retired given that the policy has not been utilized for many years and does not pertain directly to the WSCUC Standards or Criteria or Review.  However, the content of the policy was incorporated into the Degree Definitions Guide (see below).

Staff contact: Lori Williams


Degree Definitions Policy Conversion to a Guide

The Commission approved a revision of the Degree Definitions Policy conversion to a Degree Definitions Guide. It was revised to update and correct language and to better align with the WSCUC Graduate Program Review Guide. In addition, information about honorary degrees was added to the Guide.

Staff contact: Lori Williams