• About the Volunteer Information Portal (VIP)

What is the VIP?

The Volunteer Information Portal (VIP) is an online system for use by those who have volunteered to serve as peer reviewers on accreditation reviews.

How is access granted?

Whenever a person is selected as an active peer reviewer they are automatically granted access to the VIP. An email is sent to them providing the necessary information on how to access their account.

What can we do in the VIP?

Peer reviewers may log in to the Volunteer Information Portal (VIP) to:

  • Update basic profile information including contact information, education, work experience, and conflicts of interest
  • Update areas of expertise, which are used to match volunteers with opportunities to serve on upcoming reviews
  • View peer reviewer service history and access information relevant to current reviews teams, including:
    • General institution information
    • Team member roster
    • Review team and institution documents
    • Key Indicators (KI) reports associated with the review institution

How do we get help with the VIP?

Please contact vipsupport@wscuc.org with any questions about accessing or using the Volunteer Information Portal (VIP).
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