Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR) Resources

Below are links to resources that will assist those engaged in TPR reviews. For more information about these resources and the TPR process, please consult your staff liaison.

TPR Guide
The TPR Guide includes the following: 

  • Overview
  • TPR Review Process
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Guidelines for Submission of Themes
  • TPR Institutional Report
  • Interactions with the Evaluation Team, WSCUC Staff, and Commission

Compliance with WSCUC Standards and Federal Requirements Worksheet and Forms
This worksheet is filled out by institutions to demonstrate compliance with the WSCUC Standards and United States Department of Education (USDE) requirements for accreditation. Evaluation teams verify this information as part of the TPR process.

Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators (IEEI)
The IEEI provides a comprehensive overview of the institution’s assessment processes that teams, the Commission, and the institution itself may use to evaluate educational effectiveness.

TPR Visit Timeline Template (available May 2020)
This template provides a standard timeline for TPR reviews. WSCUC staff complete it for each individual review.

TPR Evaluator Guide (available May 2020)
This guide is used by evaluation teams to assist them in their reviews of TPR institutions.

TPR Sample Themes
These themes were provided by those in the initial cohort of TPR institutions. They should be viewed as examples and not necessarily exemplars.

TPR Institutional Training PowerPoint Template
This PowerPoint Template is used by WSCUC staff liaisons when they visit an institution to conduct a workshop 18 months to two years before a TPR review. The presentation helps institutions orient themselves to expectations for the self-study, institutional report, Accreditation Visit, and Commission decision.