• Accreditation Resource Conference (ARC)


Past Conferences


The Big Picture: Framing the Challenges, Focusing on the Future

Against a backdrop of unprecedented changes in higher education, ARC2024 offered an expansive view of the transformative forces reshaping our landscape – artificial intelligence, enrollment trends, external influence – and looked boldly into the future.


The Challenge of Excellence: Realizing the New Standards

At ARC2023, we dove into the 2022 Standards and what it means to create an environment of inclusivity, excellence, and success for all students.

ARC2022: Equity & Excellence in Action


Equity & Excellence in Action

We explored innovative ideas, new models, and transformative practices to plot a course toward meaningful educational outcomes for students.


Making it Real: Real Students. Real Leadership. Real Results.

ARC2021 features bold plenary sessions and engaging content tailored to our recent experience and to moving forward in new ways.

ARC2020 / Right to the Point

With the cancellation of ARC2020 due to COVID-19, WSCUC offered a series of webinars called “Right to the Point,” designed to address the challenges of the pandemic and how to meet the moment in practical and effective ways.