• ARC2021


Making it Real: Real Students. Real Leadership. Real Results.

Over the course of the past year, the entire WSCUC community has continued commitments, services, and strategies meant to promote equity, understanding, and preparation for meaningful lives. We have revised, and in some cases built new systems to illuminate effectiveness and identify where improvement is required. ARC2021 features bold plenary sessions and engaging content tailored to our recent experience and to moving forward in new ways.

Plenary Sessions: "The Big Picture"

WSCUC Directions: Where, Why and How

As higher education changes to meet and serve imperatives of quality and equity, how is WSCUC leading, innovating, supporting and imagining? Insights from WSCUC leaders and a panel of Commissioners.

Doing the Work: DEI Initiatives We Can Learn From

To move from words to action, from effort to success, we are all hungry for concrete examples of intentional, effective DEI work.
Join these motivated leaders committed to sharing and reflecting candidly on their strategies, lessons learned, and how they conceive the next steps.

National Expectations, National Policy for Higher Education

The one-year mark for pandemic-driven changes, the 100-day mark for the new administration, and a time of high expectations and pressures for students and higher education make this the perfect time to engage with big issues, important leaders and critical directions.


ALO Forum: What’s New & Lessons from the Pandemic

The 2021 ALO Forum offers updates from WSCUC Vice Presidents and guidance from an expert panel of ALOs talking about moving forward from the pandemic.

Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR) Forum

WSCUC Vice Presidents and guest panelists discuss the Thematic Pathway for Reaffirmation (TPR) during this session held at the ARC2021 virtual conference.

CEO Forum

A conversation with Commissioner Chair Phil Doolittle, commissioners, and CEOs.

ARC2021 General Sessions