Former WSCUC Chair Phillip Doolittle created the Equity & Inclusion Council in February 2021 to reflect the centrality of equity and inclusion work across WSCUC. The Council prioritizes and coordinates our E&I goals and activities with the Executive Committee and across the standing committees that have lead responsibility for each area. It is co-chaired by Commissioners Shawn Whalen and Thomas Parham and composed of the vice chairs of WSCUC’s standing committees and two Executive Committee members.

The Equity and Inclusion Council, working with the Executive Committee, standing committees and staff, shall:

  • Develop recommendations to the commission for a comprehensive strategy for equity and inclusion, including goals and benchmarks, for commission consideration
  • Identify resources and partners, both within WSCUC and externally
  • Review and monitor progress on equity and initiatives annually
  • Identify big ideas, opportunities, and internal and external resources and partners to promote further equity and inclusion efforts
  • Provide individual leadership and coordinate equity and inclusion priorities within and across standing committees and work groups, as well as identifying gaps and areas of need
  • Assist in the development and review of communication and messaging

For more information about WSCUC’s approach in this area please visit the Equity & Inclusion page.