• Accreditation Leadership Academy (ALA)

    How to Apply

How to Apply

Applications for the ALA will be accepted May 16 – May 31, 2022. The online application is available in the Volunteer Information Portal (VIP). The application questions are provided below.

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ALA Application Questions

  1. Describe your reasons for interest in the Academy.
  2. Describe your higher education professional experience.
  3. Describe an experience working with others to accomplish a task, advance an initiative, or improve a program or service that was particularly meaningful to you, and indicate why it was meaningful.
  4. Describe other examples of your leadership capacity and experience (e.g. participation in academic governance or serving as a department chair, faculty development director, or other administrator.)
  5. Describe relevant areas of expertise (e.g. knowledge of educational effectiveness and/or teaching and learning literature, national issues in higher education, equity & inclusion, institutional research and and/or research design.)
  6. Describe your participation in relevant educational opportunities*(e.g., ARC, WSCUC Educational Programs workshops/webinars, relevant higher education conferences.)
  7. Please list all degrees you have earned (Bachelor, Masters, PhD, etc.)
  8. Applicants apply individually but must have institutional support. Institutions that nominate potential participants should commit to support the individual’s efforts both during and after the Academy. WSCUC asks that a letter of acknowledgement of support and intentions for engaging the applicant be submitted which should be from an institutional leader or administrator at the level of dean, provost, chief academic officer, or higher.