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Amity University Uttar Pradesh

Sector - 125, Gautam Buddha Nagar

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, UP 201313


Telephone: +91-120-4392251


Staff Liaison:Each institution is assigned a staff liaison who is their primary point of contact for accreditation activities. Susan Opp

Student Achievement URL:WSCUC Standards require that institutions regularly generate, evaluate, and make public data about student achievement, including measures of retention, and graduation, and evidence of student learning.

Current Accreditation Status:Accredited - Reflects the Commission's finding that the institution is in compliance with the Standards. Accredited

Most Recent Commission Action: February 24, 2023

First Accredited:Date the institution was first accredited by WSCUC. 2016

Undergraduate FTE: 15,028

Graduate FTE: 4,238

Financial Structure Type:Institutions within the WSCUC region are classified as Non-profit, For-profit or State-supported. Non-Profit

Sponsorship:Choices include: No related entity, Proprietary with Parent Board, Religious Control, Multi-institutional system, Other. For more information please see the Related Entities Policy. Proprietary with parent/board

Academic Calendar:The period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to 2 semesters or trimesters, 3 quarters, or the period covered by a 4-1-4 calendar system. Semester

Distributes Federal Financial Aid: No

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Accreditation Liaison OfficerR. S. RaiDirector of Institutional
Board of Directors ChairAtul
Chief Academic OfficerBalvinder ShuklaVice
Chief Executive OfficerBalvinder ShuklaVice
Chief Financial OfficerAashish BindraChief Financial
Director Institutional ResearchR. S. RaiDirector of Institutional
OPEIDNameCityLocation TypeStatus
Amity University Dubai CampusDubaiBranch CampusActive
Amity University Greater Noida CampusGreater NoidaBranch CampusActive
Amity University Lucknow CampusLucknowBranch CampusActive
Amity University Noida CampusNoidaMain CampusActive
Amity University Tashkent CampusTashkentBranch CampusActive
DegreeDegree LevelYear ImplementedModality
B. Sc. (Hons.) ZoologyBachelors2016On-Site
B. Sc. Geo-InformaticsBachelors2016On-Site
B. Tech – Aeronautical EngineeringBachelors2016On-Site
B. Tech – Automobile EngineeringBachelors2016On-Site
B.A(Hons.)-PPE (Philosophy,politics & economics)Bachelors2011On-Site
B.A. (Hons) Applied PsychologyBachelors2003On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – EconomicsBachelors2009On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – EnglishBachelors2005On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – FrenchBachelors2005On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – GermanBachelors2009On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – Insurance & BankingBachelors2012On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – Political ScienceBachelors2013On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – SociologyBachelors2014On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) – SpanishBachelors2006On-Site
B.A. (Hons.) HistoryBachelors2016On-Site
B.A. (Tourism Administration)Bachelors2005On-Site
B.A. + M.A. – Clinical Psychology (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.A.,LL.B (Hons.)Bachelors2010On-Site
B.Com. (Hons.)Bachelors2012On-Site
B.Com. (Hons.) – EveningBachelors2012On-Site
B.Com., LL.B. (Hons.)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.Ed. – Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder)Bachelors2014On-Site
B.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability)Bachelors2013On-Site
B.Ed. – Special Education (Mental Retardation)Bachelors2014On-Site
B.El.Ed. (Bachelor of Elementary Education)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.P. Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)Bachelors2013On-Site
B.Sc. – Agriculture & Food BusinessBachelors2010On-Site
B.Sc. – Fashion CommunicationBachelors2012On-Site
B.Sc. – Fashion DesignBachelors2010On-Site
B.Sc. – Fashion Design & TechnologyBachelors2005On-Site
B.Sc. – Fashion TechnologyBachelors2010On-Site
B.Sc. – ITBachelors2003On-Site
B.Sc. – Interior DesignBachelors2004On-Site
B.Sc. – Medical PhysiologyBachelors2013On-Site
B.Sc. – Textile DesignBachelors2011On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – BiotechnologyBachelors2003On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – AnthropologyBachelors2009On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – ChemistryBachelors2012On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – Forensic SciencesBachelors2004On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – Marine ScienceBachelors2012On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – MathematicsBachelors2012On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – Medical BiotechnologyBachelors2004On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – NeurosciencesBachelors2014On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – PhysicsBachelors2012On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) – StatisticsBachelors2013On-Site
B.Sc. (Hons.) Life SciencesBachelors2016On-Site
B.Sc. + M.Sc. – Actuarial Science (Dual Degree)Bachelors2011On-Site
B.Sc. + M.Sc. – Biotechnology (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.Tech – Food TechnologyBachelors2007On-Site
B.Tech – Mechanical & Automation Engg. + M.Tech – Automobile Engineering (Dual DBachelors2010On-Site
B.Tech – NanotechnologyBachelors2008On-Site
B.Tech – Solar and Alternate EnergyBachelors2010On-Site
B.Tech (Avionics)Bachelors2014On-Site
B.Tech + M.Tech. – Nanotechnology (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.Tech. – Aerospace Engg.Bachelors2005On-Site
B.Tech. – Automobile Engg.Bachelors2014On-Site
B.Tech. – BioinformaticsBachelors2004On-Site
B.Tech. – Biotechnology(Evening)Bachelors2012On-Site
B.Tech. – Civil Engg.Bachelors2008On-Site
B.Tech. – Civil Engg. + MBABachelors2010On-Site
B.Tech. – Computer Science & Engg.Bachelors2003On-Site
B.Tech. – Computer Science & Engg. (Evening)Bachelors2011On-Site
B.Tech. – Computer Science & Engg. + MBABachelors2010On-Site
B.Tech. – Electrical & Electronics EngineeringBachelors2009On-Site
B.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engg.Bachelors2003On-Site
B.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engg. (Evening)Bachelors2011On-Site
B.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engg. + MBABachelors2010On-Site
B.Tech. – Electronics & InstrumentationBachelors2009On-Site
B.Tech. – Electronics & TelecommunicationBachelors2003On-Site
B.Tech. – Information TechnologyBachelors2003On-Site
B.Tech. – MAEBachelors2011On-Site
B.Tech. – Mechanical & Automation Engg. (Evening)Bachelors2011On-Site
B.Tech. – Mechanical & Automation Engg. + MBABachelors2010On-Site
B.Tech. – Nuclear Science & TechnologyBachelors2011On-Site
B.Tech. + M.Tech – Biotechnology (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.Tech. + M.Tech. – Nuclear Science & Technology (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
B.Tech.- Aerospace Engg.+M.Tech.-Avionics (Dual Degree)Bachelors2008On-Site
BA – Tourism ManagementBachelors2011On-Site
BBA – 3 ContinentBachelors2006On-Site
BBA – Family Business Mgmt.Bachelors2010On-Site
BBA – Finance & AccountingBachelors2008On-Site
BBA – Healthcare ManagementBachelors2014On-Site
BBA – International BusinessBachelors2010On-Site
BBA – International Business (Evening)Bachelors2011On-Site
BBA – Marketing & SalesBachelors2008On-Site
BBA – Real Estate and Urban InfrastructureBachelors2013On-Site
BBA + MBA – IB (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
BBA + MBA (Dual Degree)Bachelors2009On-Site
BBA ? for working professionalsBachelors2012On-Site
BBA LL.B. (Hons.)Bachelors2009On-Site
BBA?- Dubai, USA & UKBachelors2013On-Site
BBS – Business DevelopmentBachelors2012On-Site
BCA (Evening)Bachelors2011On-Site
BCA + MCA (Dual Degree)Bachelors2013On-Site
BFA – AnimationBachelors2006On-Site
BFA – Visual CommunicationBachelors2016On-Site
BID + MID Dual DegreeBachelors2013On-Site
Bachelor of ArchitectureBachelors2005On-Site
Bachelor of ArtsBachelors2014Distance Education
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Mass ComBachelors2014Distance Education
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBachelors2003Distance Education
Bachelor of CommerceBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of CommerceBachelors2013Distance Education
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Investment Analysis)Bachelors2012Distance Education
Bachelor of Computer ApplicationsBachelors2009Distance Education
Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Film & Television ProductionBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Financial & Investment AnalysisBachelors2006On-Site
Bachelor of Hotel ManagementBachelors2010On-Site
Bachelor of Journalism – Mass Communication (Evening)Bachelors2011On-Site
Bachelor of Occupational TherapyBachelors2016On-Site
Bachelor of PharmacyBachelors2007On-Site
Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports SciencesBachelors2004On-Site
Bachelor of PhysiotherapyBachelors2005On-Site
Bachelor of PlanningBachelors2011On-Site
Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Biotechnology) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Medical Biotechnology) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyBachelors2011Distance Education
Bachelor of Social WorkBachelors2006On-Site
Bachelor of Technology (Civil Engineering) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Technology (Electronics & Communications Engineering) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) – 3 ContinentBachelors2014On-Site
Bachelors of Arts (Tourism Administration)Bachelors2014Distance Education
Integrated B.A. B.Ed. Special EducationBachelors2014On-Site
Integrated B.Com. B.Ed. Special EducationBachelors2014On-Site
Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed. Special EducationBachelors2014On-Site
LL.M. – Business LawMasters2013On-Site
LL.M. – Constitutional LawMasters2013On-Site
LL.M. – Corporate Banking & Insurance LawMasters2014On-Site
LL.M. – Criminal LawMasters2016On-Site
LL.M. – Family LawMasters2013On-Site
LL.M. – Human RightsMasters2013On-Site
LL.M. – Intellectual PropertyMasters2016On-Site
LL.M. – International Trade & Economic LawMasters2013On-Site
LL.M. – Media & Entertainment LawMasters2014On-Site
LL.M. – Medical & Health LawMasters2014On-Site
LL.M. – Tax LawMasters2014On-Site
LLM – International Environmental LawMasters2013On-Site
M. A. – Advertising & Marketing ManagementMasters2004On-Site
M. A. – Fashion Retail ManagementMasters2009On-Site
M. A. – Film & TV ProductionMasters2007On-Site
M. A. – PR & Event ManagementMasters2011On-Site
M. Pharm – Drug Regulatory AffairsMasters2012On-Site
M. Pharm – Pharmaceutical BiotechnologyMasters2009On-Site
M. Pharm – Pharmaceutical ManagementMasters2012On-Site
M. Pharm – Pharmacognosy & PhytochemistryMasters2009On-Site
M. Phil – Child & Adolescent PsychologyMasters2008On-Site
M. Phil – Clinical PsychologyMasters2006On-Site
M. Phil – Counselling PsychologyMasters2012On-Site
M. Phil – EnglishMasters2009On-Site
M.A – Design(Fashion & Textiles)Masters2013On-Site
M.A – EconomicsMasters2010On-Site
M.A. – Applied PsychologyMasters2008On-Site
M.A. – Clinical PsychologyMasters2004On-Site
M.A. – Counselling PsychologyMasters2004On-Site
M.A. – Development StudiesMasters2009On-Site
M.A. – International RelationsMasters2016On-Site
M.A. – Organisational BehaviourMasters2004On-Site
M.A. – Political ScienceMasters2010On-Site
M.A. – Public Policy & GovernanceMasters2016On-Site
M.A. – SanskritMasters2016On-Site
M.A. – SociologyMasters2016On-Site
M.A. – Tourism AdministrationMasters2004On-Site
M.A. (English)Masters2006On-Site
M.Ed. – Special Education (Learning Disability)Masters2014On-Site
M.P. Ed. (Master of Physical Education)Masters2007On-Site
M.Pharm – Pharmaceutical ChemistryMasters2012On-Site
M.Pharm – PharmaceuticsMasters2011On-Site
M.Pharma – PharmacologyMasters2016On-Site
M.Sc – Foods & NutritionMasters2011On-Site
M.Sc – Horticulture (Post Harvest Technology)Masters2014On-Site
M.Sc – StatisticsMasters2012On-Site
M.Sc- Geographic Information System & Remote SensingMasters2012On-Site
M.Sc. – Actuarial ScienceMasters2005On-Site
M.Sc. – AnthropologyMasters2010On-Site
M.Sc. – Applied ChemistryMasters2012On-Site
M.Sc. – Applied MathematicsMasters2012On-Site
M.Sc. – Applied PhysicsMasters2012On-Site
M.Sc. – Bio-InformaticsMasters2016On-Site
M.Sc. – BiotechnologyMasters2004On-Site
M.Sc. – Cellular and Molecular OncologyMasters2016On-Site
M.Sc. – Environmental SciencesMasters2010On-Site
M.Sc. – Fashion & Textile MerchandisingMasters2010On-Site
M.Sc. – Forensic SciencesMasters2004On-Site
M.Sc. – GenomicsMasters2016On-Site
M.Sc. – ImmunologyMasters2011On-Site
M.Sc. – Interior DesignMasters2007On-Site
M.Sc. – Medical PhysiologyMasters2013On-Site
M.Sc. – Microbial TechnologyMasters2010On-Site
M.Sc. – Nanoscience by research + M.Tech. – Nanotechnology (Dual Degree)Masters2009On-Site
M.Sc. – Network Technology & ManagementMasters2004On-Site
M.Sc. – VirologyMasters2011On-Site
M.Sc. – Wildlife SciencesMasters2014On-Site
M.Sc. (Agri) AgronomyMasters2016On-Site
M.Tech – Telecommunication Systems EnggMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech – Telecommunication Systems Engg (Weekend)Masters2013On-Site
M.Tech – AvionicsMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech – BiotechnologyMasters2007On-Site
M.Tech – Embedded Systems TechnologyMasters2011On-Site
M.Tech – Geo Informatics & Remote SensingMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech – Information TechnologyMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech – Information Technology(Weekend)Masters2012On-Site
M.Tech – Optoelectronics And Optical CommunicationMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech ? Food TechnologyMasters2011On-Site
M.Tech. – Automobile Engg.Masters2010On-Site
M.Tech. – Automobile Engg. (Weekend)Masters2011On-Site
M.Tech. – Computer Network and Information SecurityMasters2014On-Site
M.Tech. – Computer Science & EngineeringMasters2005On-Site
M.Tech. – Computer Science & Engineering (Weekend)Masters2009On-Site
M.Tech. – Control SystemsMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech. – Data ScienceMasters2014On-Site
M.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engg.Masters2009On-Site
M.Tech. – Electronics & Communication Engg. (Weekend)Masters2010On-Site
M.Tech. – Environmental EngineeringMasters2012On-Site
M.Tech. – Industrial & Production EngineeringMasters2014On-Site
M.Tech. – MechatronicsMasters2011On-Site
M.Tech. – NanotechnologyMasters2004On-Site
M.Tech. – Nuclear Science & TechnologyMasters2009On-Site
M.Tech. – Power SystemsMasters2011On-Site
M.Tech. – Power Systems (Weekend)Masters2012On-Site
M.Tech. – Solar and Alternative EnergyMasters2009On-Site
M.Tech. – Structural EngineeringMasters2014On-Site
M.Tech. – VLSIMasters2010On-Site
M.Tech. – Wireless CommunicationMasters2012On-Site
MBA – 3 ContinentMasters2005On-Site
MBA – Agriculture & Food BusinessMasters2005On-Site
MBA – Biotechnology ManagementMasters2004On-Site
MBA – Competitive Intelligence and Strategic ManagementMasters2011On-Site
MBA – Construction Economics & Quantity SurveyingMasters2014On-Site
MBA – Construction Project ManagementMasters2013On-Site
MBA – Dubai, USA & UK (Sep)Masters2011On-Site
MBA – EntrepreneurshipMasters2004On-Site
MBA – Fashion ManagementMasters2010On-Site
MBA – HRMasters2004On-Site
MBA – Hospitality ManagementMasters2005On-Site
MBA – Infrastructure ManagementMasters2016On-Site
MBA – Insurance & BankingMasters2010On-Site
MBA – Insurance & Financial PlanningMasters2014On-Site
MBA – International BusinessMasters2004On-Site
MBA – International Business (Evening)Masters2011On-Site
MBA – LogisticsMasters2016On-Site
MBA – Marketing & SalesMasters2004On-Site
MBA – Media ManagementMasters2010On-Site
MBA – Natural Resources & Sustainable DevelopmentMasters2012On-Site
MBA – PR & Event ManagementMasters2011On-Site
MBA – Real Estate and Urban InfrastructureMasters2013On-Site
MBA – Retail ManagementMasters2008On-Site
MBA – Supply ChainMasters2016On-Site
MBA – Telecom ManagementMasters2004On-Site
MBA – Tourism AdministrationMasters2011On-Site
MBA – Transport & LogisticsMasters2012On-Site
MBA – for working professionalsMasters2012On-Site
MBA ? Telecom HRMasters2013On-Site
MBA-Urban Infrastructure and Real Estate ManagementMasters2014On-Site
MFA – Applied ArtsMasters2010On-Site
MFA – PaintingMasters2010On-Site
Master of Business AdministrationMasters2003Distance Education
Master of CommerceMasters2013On-Site
Master of Commerce (Financial Management)Masters2011Distance Education
Master of Computer ApplicationMasters2004Distance Education
Master of Financial ManagementMasters2010On-Site
Master of Hospital AdministrationMasters2012On-Site
Master of Journalism & Mass CommunicationMasters2010On-Site
Master of Public HealthMasters2013On-Site
Master of Science (Information Technology)Masters2012Distance Education
Master of Social WorkMasters2009On-Site
Masters of PhysiotherapyMasters2013On-Site
New Program Name Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering) – 3 ConBachelors2014On-Site
Ph. D in Architecture & PlanningResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph. D. in Microbial TechnologyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D – Foods and NutritionResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Aerospace EngineeringResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in AgricultureResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D in AnthropologyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Cellular and Molecular OncologyResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in ChemistryResearch Doctorate2011On-Site
Ph.D in Clinical PsychologyResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in CommerceResearch Doctorate2010On-Site
Ph.D in EducationResearch Doctorate2011On-Site
Ph.D in EngineeringResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in EnglishResearch Doctorate2012On-Site
Ph.D in Environmental SciencesResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Fashion (Design / Technology / Management)Research Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in FinanceResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Food TechnologyResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D in Geo-Informatics and Remote SensingResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in HospitalityResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D in ImmunologyResearch Doctorate2011On-Site
Ph.D in Information TechnologyResearch Doctorate2012On-Site
Ph.D in ManagementResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D in Mass Communication –Research Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Materials and DevicesResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D in MathematicsResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Microbial BiotechnologyResearch Doctorate2008On-Site
Ph.D in Microbial TechnologyResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Molecular Science & EngineeringResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Nanoscience and NanotechnologyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Nuclear Science & TechnologyResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Pharmaceutical SciencesResearch Doctorate2010On-Site
Ph.D in Physical EducationResearch Doctorate2012On-Site
Ph.D in PhysicsResearch Doctorate2011On-Site
Ph.D in PhysiotherapyResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D in PsychologyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Public HealthResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Radiation BiologyResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Renewable and Alternate EnergyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Rural ManagementResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Social WorkResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Solar EnergyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in Spl. EducationResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Stem Cell Science & TechnologyResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in Travel and TourismResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D in VirologyResearch Doctorate2011On-Site
Ph.D in Wildlife SciencesResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D in fine ArtsResearch Doctorate2016On-Site
Ph.D. in BioinformaticsResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in BiotechnologyResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in Built EnvironmentResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in Competitive IntelligenceResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in Computer Science and EngineeringResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in EconomicsResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in Electrical EngineeringResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in Electronics and Communication EngineeringResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in Forensic SciencesResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in HorticultureResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in LawResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in Mechanical and Automation EngineeringResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
Ph.D. in Natural Resources & Sustainable DevelopmentResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in NeurosciencesResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in Political ScienceResearch Doctorate2013On-Site
Ph.D. in StatisticsResearch Doctorate2014On-Site
SeasonYearReview Type
Spring2024Progress Report
Spring2027Interim Report
Spring2030Offsite Review
Fall2030Accreditation Visit