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New York Film Academy

3300 West Riverside Drive

Burbank, CA 91505

United States

Telephone: 818-333-3558


Staff Liaison:Each institution is assigned a staff liaison who is their primary point of contact for accreditation activities. Barbara Gross Davis

Student Achievement URL:WSCUC Standards require that institutions regularly generate, evaluate, and make public data about student achievement, including measures of retention, and graduation, and evidence of student learning.

Current Accreditation Status:Accredited - Reflects the Commission's finding that the institution is in compliance with the Standards. Accredited

Most Recent Commission Action: December 11, 2023

Granted Candidacy:Candidacy is a status of preliminary affiliation with the Senior College and University Commission, awarded for a maximum of four years following a procedure for institutional review that includes self-study and on-site visitation. Candidacy indicates that the institution meets all or nearly all the Standards at a minimum level. Candidacy is not accreditation and does not ensure eventual accreditation; it means that an institution is progressing toward accreditation. This is the date that the institution was first granted the status of Candidacy with WSCUC. Not all institutions have become accredited with WSCUC through the Candidacy process. 2018

First Accredited:Date the institution was first accredited by WSCUC. 2019

Undergraduate FTE: 1,001

Graduate FTE: 290

Financial Structure Type:Institutions within the WSCUC region are classified as Non-profit, For-profit or State-supported. For-Profit

Sponsorship:Choices include: No related entity, Proprietary with Parent Board, Religious Control, Multi-institutional system, Other. For more information please see the Related Entities Policy. Proprietary with parent/board

Academic Calendar:The period of time generally extending from September to June; usually equated to 2 semesters or trimesters, 3 quarters, or the period covered by a 4-1-4 calendar system. Semester

Distributes Federal Financial Aid: Yes

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Accreditation Liaison OfficerSonny CalderonVice President, Academic
Board of Directors ChairKristi NelsonChair, Board of
Chief Academic OfficerSonny CalderonVice President, Academic
Chief Executive OfficerMichael
Chief Financial OfficerKirk LengaChief Financial
Director Institutional ResearchRosa BeleriqueVice President of Institutional Research and
OPEIDNameCityLocation TypeStatus
New York Film Academy – AustraliaSouthportBranch CampusActive
New York Film Academy – Florence, ItalyFlorenceBranch CampusActive
04118800New York Film Academy – Los AngelesBurbankMain CampusActive
New York Film Academy – MiamiMiami BeachBranch CampusActive
New York Film Academy – New York CityNew YorkBranch CampusActive
DegreeDegree LevelYear ImplementedModality
AFA in Acting for FilmAssociate2008On-Site
AFA in FilmmakingAssociate2008On-Site
AFA in Game DesignAssociate2010On-Site
AFA in ProducingAssociate2010On-Site
AFA in ScreenwritingAssociate2010On-Site
After Effects: Animation and Title DesignNon-degree2017On-Site
BA in Media StudiesBachelors2013On-Site
BFA in 3-D Animation & Visual EffectsBachelors2011On-Site
BFA in Acting for FilmBachelors2011On-Site
BFA in FilmmakingBachelors2010On-Site
BFA in Game DesignBachelors2011On-Site
BFA in Graphic DesignBachelors2014On-Site
BFA in PhotographyBachelors2012On-Site
BFA in ProducingBachelors2012On-Site
BFA in ScreenwritingBachelors2011On-Site
Eight-Week Acting for FilmNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week Broadcast JournalismNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week Music VideoNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week Musical TheaterNon-degree2018On-Site
Eight-Week Narrative Virtual RealityNon-degree2017On-Site
Eight-Week PhotographyNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week ProducingNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week Production DesignNon-degree2017On-Site
Eight-Week ScreenwritingNon-degree2006On-Site
Eight-Week Sound DesignNon-degree2017On-Site
Four-Week 3-D AnimationNon-degree2006On-Site
Four-Week Acting for FilmNon-degree2006On-Site
Four-Week Broadcast JournalismNon-degree2008On-Site
Four-Week Digital EditingNon-degree2006On-Site
Four-Week Fashion PhotographyNon-degree2017On-Site
Four-Week FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
Four-Week Music VideoNon-degree2006On-Site
Four-Week Musical TheaterNon-degree2009On-Site
Four-Week PhotographyNon-degree2006On-Site
Four-Week ProducingNon-degree2006On-Site
Game Coding IntensiveNon-degree2016On-Site
Introduction to Interactive Virtual RealityNon-degree2017On-Site
MA in Film & Media ProductionMasters2012On-Site
MA in ProducingMasters2015On-Site
MA in ScreenwritingMasters2015On-Site
MFA in Acting for FilmMasters2007On-Site
MFA in CinematographyMasters2010On-Site
MFA in Documentary FilmmakingMasters2010On-Site
MFA in FilmmakingMasters2006On-Site
MFA in Game DesignMasters2011On-Site
MFA in PhotographyMasters2008On-Site
MFA in ProducingMasters2007On-Site
MFA in ScreenwritingMasters2007On-Site
Master of Arts in Entrepreneurial Producing and InnovationMasters2023Distance Education
Master of Fine Arts in 3-D Animation and Visual EffectsMasters2020On-Site
Maya Certification CompletionNon-degree2016On-Site
Musical Theatre Conservatory EnsembleNon-degree2016On-Site
One-Week Acting for FilmNon-degree2006On-Site
One-Week FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
One-Week Musical TheaterNon-degree2013On-Site
One-Week PhotographyNon-degree2012On-Site
One-Year 3-D AnimationNon-degree2013On-Site
One-Year Acting for FilmNon-degree2006On-Site
One-Year Broadcast JournalismNon-degree2007On-Site
One-Year CinematographyNon-degree2010On-Site
One-Year Documentary FilmmakingNon-degree2007On-Site
One-Year FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
One-Year Game DesignNon-degree2010On-Site
One-Year Graphic DesignNon-degree2014On-Site
One-Year Musical TheaterNon-degree2009On-Site
One-Year PhotographyNon-degree2008On-Site
One-Year ProducingNon-degree2006On-Site
One-Year ScreenwritingNon-degree2006On-Site
Six-Week Acting for FilmNon-degree2007On-Site
Six-Week Documentary FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
Six-Week FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
Six-Week Holiday Acting for FilmNon-degree2006On-Site
Six-Week Holiday FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening Acting for FilmNon-degree2006On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening Broadcast JournalismNon-degree2006On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening Digital EditingNon-degree2006On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening FilmmakingNon-degree2006On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening PhotographyNon-degree2014On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening ProducingNon-degree2006On-Site
Twelve-Week Evening ScreenwritingNon-degree2006On-Site
Two-Day Line Producing and Movie MagicNon-degree2016On-Site
Two-Year Acting for FilmNon-degree2007On-Site
Two-Year FilmmakingNon-degree2007On-Site
Two-Year Musical TheaterNon-degree2008On-Site
Two-Year PhotographyNon-degree2012On-Site
Virtual Reality Game DesignNon-degree2017On-Site
SeasonYearReview Type
Fall2024Offsite Review
Spring2025Accreditation Visit