• 2016 Annual Report Requirements

    February 29, 2016 - WSCUC

The 2016 WSCUC Annual Report period is May 1-31. All eligible, candidate and accredited institutions are required to update and submit annual report sections during this time period.

Changes for 2016

  1. Cohort Default Rates
    The Commission previously collected 2-year and 3-year cohort default rates via the annual report. Starting in 2016 the Commission will reference publicly available cohort default rates, number of students in default, number of students in repayment and the enrollment  figures as published by the Federal Student Aid website. These figures will be made available to the Commission, evaluators and staff as part of the accreditation process.
  2. Tuition and Fees
    The Commission has collected information regarding the published tuition and fees of member institutions as a PDF file upload. As part of our ongoing review of the responsiveness of data elements to the accreditation process the Commission has decided to remove this element in the 2016 annual report while it considers how to more effectively collect and analyze information related to cost.
  3. Bond Rating
    Institutions with Bond ratings from Fitch, Moody’s, or Standard and Poor’s will be required to report the rating agency as well as:

    The current rating from that agency
    The date of the current rating
    The first year the institution secured a rating

  4. Key Personnel
    Due to changes in internal operations we will no longer collect emails for the assistants of Key Personnel. All email communication will be sent directly to the designated role holder.

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How to get more help

Please email annualreports [at] wscuc.org with any general questions you may have about the annual report or contact Linda Petersen, 510-995-3171.