• Commission Policy Update- Seeking Public Comment

    April 20, 2016 - WSCUC

The revised Proprietary Information Policy and Complaints and Third Party Comments Policy are being circulated by the Commission to the region for public comment. They will be considered for adoption during the June 2016 Commission Meeting.

Please email your comments to: policies@wascsenior.org by May 20, 2016. Click the titles below to view the revised policies.

Proprietary Information policy
An institution in the region requested that the Proprietary Information policy be revised to be more specific about what is or is not proprietary information.  After considerable discussion, the Commission decided against listing specific examples in the policy.  Institutions, however, should have the opportunity to redact proprietary information from a team report before the report is finalized and posted on the WSCUC website.  This policy provides a general definition of proprietary information and identifies the process for redaction. 

Complaints and Third Party Comments policy
The Commission made changes to this policy to clarify ambiguous areas and improve the organization of the content so that people can more easily find what they need to be able to file a complaint or make a third-party comment.


Staff contact: Barbara Gross Davis