• Commission Policy Changes and Opportunity to Comment on Proposed Changes

    July 20, 2023 - WSCUC

Policy Changes

Proprietary Information Policy

This policy was created in 2012, likely when the Commission approved posting team reports on the WSCUC website. It defines proprietary information and describes the Commission’s requirements for upholding the confidentiality of such information and the conditions under which information may be disclosed. The policy was revised to enhance clarity, reorganize the content with subheadings, and include a section on related policies.

Staff contact: Barbara Gross Davis


Request for Comments on Policies

WSCUC is seeking public comments on proposed changes to one policy and one guide. Click the links on the policy names below for more information about each. Please send comments to policies@wscuc.org by September 8, 2023. The revised policy and guide reflecting received comments will be reviewed and considered for adoption by the Commission at its November 2023 meeting.

Public Access to the Commission Policy

The policy was revised in 2016 and subsequently revised again in 2023, each time reaffirming the Commission’s commitment to ensuring public access to its work. The latest revision outlines various channels for public engagement, introduces an improved feedback collection process preceding institutional reviews, provides clarification on certain terminologies, and incorporates subheadings for enhanced readability.

Staff contact: Barbara Gross Davis

Periods of Accreditation Guide

The Periods of Accreditation Guide provides an explanation for the different durations of accreditation granted by the Commission.

  • The Guide has been revised to include the options of six, eight, or ten years for Initial Accreditation.
  • The revision also provides clearer criteria for each accreditation period and additional context regarding the factors that the Commission considers when determining the appropriate length of accreditation.

Since the Periods of Accreditation is a guide and not a policy, there is no requirement that it be circulated to the membership for comments. However, in the interests of transparency and openness, the Commission seeks input regarding the clarity and comprehensibility of the language used in the Guide.

Staff contact: Barbara Gross Davis