• Educational Programming Updates – November 2023

    November 28, 2023 - WSCUC

Join us! The Commission will host two one-day in person workshops in February related to the 2023 Handbook and Standards on the campus of member institution National University in San Diego. Please see below for details.

And remember to calendar ARC2024 for April 18-20 next year at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Come get “The Big Picture”! (And yes, it begins on a Thursday! Conference runs Thursday-Sat midday.)

WSCUC’s Accreditation Leadership Academy, a 10-month professional development program that puts WSCUC’s values of inquiry and innovation into practice, is in full swing, having completed the second of three sessions last month. The October session brought together thought partners to discuss innovation, evidence, inclusive leadership, and finance in institutional contexts. Participants worked toward completing their research projects that they will showcase in the final ALA session in January. The WSCUC community will have the opportunity to engage with some of these projects at ARC2024 in April. Applications for ALA Cohort 14 will be invited in the spring. Plan ahead for this valuable professional development opportunity.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Using Outcomes and Strategic Research to Evaluate and Sustain Programs

This workshop introduces participants to research and development for new academic programs that are market-aligned and how to use outcomes as inputs to sustain program health in established programs. The morning sessions will focus on the genesis of a program, including the use of advanced strategic intelligence research. Afternoon session focus will be on the sustainability of current programs, looking at program outcomes as opportunities for input, using cyclical data on student outcomes and program performance as information for further program improvements. The format is participatory, using a series of case study examples to anchor small-group discussion and learning. Register here.

Facilitators: Joseph Hoey, Ed.D., Vice Provost for Academic Services, National University
Angela Baldasare, Deputy Chief of Staff and Vice President of Strategic Institutional Research & Planning, National University
Stuart Muller, Executive Director, Competitive Intelligence & Innovation Research, National University

Location: National University Scripps Ranch, 9980 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131

Meeting Room: 1st floor at Scripps Ranch Office

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Social Impact in Higher Education: The Institutional Role in Advancing Public Good

Social impact in higher education is broadly defined as the extent to which institutions contribute to the welfare of society which includes activities that promote social well-being, address social problems, and/or create social value. This workshop is designed for institutions and people who want to be strategic, effective leaders in this realm. How can universities enhance their social impact? What is the relationship between social impact and diversity, equity, and inclusion? And how does the concept connect with civic learning and democratic engagement? Specifically, the workshop will explore what is meant by social impact in higher education and ways institutions support social engagement and diversity, equity, inclusion strategies across universities, including in curriculum, research, community engagement, co-programming, and internal operations. Participants will share perspectives on social impact and ideas for action with their colleagues. Register here.

Facilitator: Dr. Kimberlee Moore, Principal Consultant, Moore Advanced Solutions. Formerly Chief Accreditation Officer, American Speech-Hearing-Language Assn. Frequent speaker on US and international quality assurance.

Location: National University Scripps Ranch, 9980 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131

Meeting Room: 1st floor at Scripps Ranch Office