• From Our President: Equity & Inclusion

    July 19, 2021 - WSCUC

WSCUC stands for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice and reaffirmed this commitment in a new Statement of Commitment to Equity & Inclusion adopted in June 2021. WSCUC has expressed its commitment in many ways, from its first diversity policy in 1994 and successor Equity and Inclusion Policy adopted in 2017, to pioneering work on disaggregated student data. On June 4, 2020 WSCUC issued “George Floyd and Accreditation,” a call to deep reflection and meaningful action by WSCUC and higher education. And in February 2021 the Commission established and Chair Phillip Doolittle appointed a new Equity & Inclusion Council, with the Commission Vice Chair, Tracy Poon Tambascia, as its chair.

WSCUC has promoted access and effectiveness in higher education, especially for those historically excluded from or denied its full participation and rewards. Today WSCUC’s commitment to eradicating structural bias and using higher education to advance a more just and inclusive society includes helping institutions improve their understanding, capacity, climate, programs, and strategies to promote equitable student success outcomes through system change and inclusive policies and practices. As an accreditor WSCUC is reshaping its own improvement and accountability priorities and actions to accelerate that success.

Current equity and inclusion work within WSCUC includes new approaches to reporting and using student outcomes data disaggregated by population and focusing on institutional context; educational programming to build expertise and interchange about equity and inclusion work; a comprehensive review of our standards of accreditation; and continued recruitment and development of Commission, staff, and volunteers to plan and lead this work on goals, actions, and results.

The following is a sampling of current WSCUC DEI-related policies, activities and resources. WSCUC is working actively on changes to policy and process, programs, data, forums for exchanging ideas, and other ways to deepen our DEI work and value. Watch for additions, and please let us know your ideas (equity@wscuc.org).

Thank you for engaging with our Chair Phil Doolittle, Commission, institutions, volunteers, and staff in this crucial and transformative work,

Jamienne S. Studley


Staff Contact: Jamienne S. Studley