• Higher Ed Community Responds to WSCUC Announcement

    February 27, 2020 - WSCUC

News coverage and other responses to WSCUC’s announcement that it decided to broaden its reach was positive, affirming the Commission’s decision as a smart move for students and institutions.

In an Inside Higher Ed article by Doug Lederman, members of the higher education community shared their impressions of the move, and CHEA President Judith S. Eaton said:

“This announcement by WSCUC is an important development in the life of regional accreditation. There has been much discussion over the past several years about the feasibility of regional accrediting organizations broadening their reach. This is also an example of innovation in accreditation, something that CHEA has long encouraged. We will all learn from WSCUC’s experience here.”

Education Dive also wrote about WSCUC’s decision.