• Inviting Nominations for WSCUC Commission by December 31, 2022

    November 17, 2022 - WSCUC

WSCUC invites nominations for Commission positions. WSCUC Commissioners play crucial roles in furthering excellence, equity, and engagement in higher education. These three dozen individuals represent institutional and independent perspectives, making important policy and accreditation decisions that promote student success and quality assurance. The Nominating Committee invites nominations from persons who are interested in serving, or nominating someone to serve, as a Commissioner to begin July 1, 2023. Nominators are asked to confirm the nominee’s willingness to serve and to complete a simple form with CV attached. The full description of the role plus the nomination form are here.

The top priorities for the Nominating Committee this cycle are candidates:

  • who will contribute to the Commission’s diversity, including diversity of race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, disability status, and other backgrounds.
  • with expertise in equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism leadership, pedagogy, scholarship, services, and programming.
  • whose experiences are not primarily or recently in higher education institutions, and who qualify as public members, to provide the Commission with breadth of perspectives and expertise. Backgrounds may include, for example, public and community service, business and finance, law, philanthropy, policy, research, and non-profit leadership.
  • with expertise in financial matters, including institutional financial planning, management, and sustainability, and financial, legal, or business analysis relevant to higher education and complex business arrangements and transactions.

In addition, all nominees should have a basic interest in accreditation, be committed to student success in higher education, and demonstrate strong experience, independence, and responsibility.

Please direct questions to Commission Support Manager Kris Matarrese at kmatarrese@wscuc.org. The nomination period ends December 31, 2022.


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